Learn the Ordinal Numbers in Greek – First (1st) to Twentieth (20th)

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While speaking Greek, you will encounter numbers on a daily basis. There are two basic types of numbers. The first are cardinal numbers. In English, this is represented as “one, two, three, four, etc”. The second type are ordinal numbers. In English, these are numbers like, “first, second, third, fourth, etc”. The Greek language has these numbers, as well.

Here’s a look at the definition of ordinal numbers, according to Webster’s dictionary:

  •  a number designating the place (such as first, second, or third) occupied by an item in an ordered sequence

You will need to learn these numbers in Greek in order to really become comfortable in the language because they are used fairly often. Here’s a look at the ordinal numbers from “First” to “Twentiety” in the Greek language:

Ordinal Numbers in the Greek Language

  • First – πρώτα – prota
  • Second – δεύτερος – thefteros
  • Third – τρίτος – tritos
  • Fourth – τέταρτος – tetartos
  • Fifth – πέμπτος – pemptos
  • Sixth – έκτος – ektos
  • Seventh – έβδομος – evthomos
  • Eighth – όγδοο – ogdoo
  • Ninth – ένατος – enatos
  • Tenth– δέκατος – thekatos
  • Eleventh – ενδέκατος – evthekatos
  • Twelfth – δωδέκατος – thothekatos
  • Thirteenth – δέκατος τρίτος – thekatos tritos
  • Fourteenth – δέκατος τέταρτος – thekatos tetartos
  • Fifteenth – δέκατος πέμπτος – thekatos pemptos
  • Sixteenth – δέκατος έκτος – thekatos ektos
  • Seventeenth – δέκατος έβδομος – thekatos evthomos
  • Eighteenth – δέκατος όγδοος – thekatos ogdoos
  • Nineteenth – δέκατος ένατος – thekatos enacts
  • Twentieth – εικοστός – eikostos

As with any vocabulary list in Greek, it is important to become familiar with these words. However, you will find that you don’t need to spend a lot of time memorizing. Just read the list through a few times and practice the words whenever you have a chance.

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