Greek Vocabulary Words for Animals

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When learning a language, it makes sense that you’ll want to learn how to say common, every day words. It’s difficult to predict which words you’ll need while working with the Greek language. However, it is a good idea to give yourself exposure to as many different types of words as possible.

One of the types of words you should know are how to say the different animals in Greek. This is especially important if you have pets and love to talk about animals! Here’s more information on how to say some of the most common animals in the Greek language:

How to Say the Words for Animals in Greek:

  • Bear – η αρκουδα – i arkootha
  • Bird – το πουλί – to pooli
  • Cat – η γάτα – i gata
  • Chicken – το κοτόπουλο – to kotopoulo
  • Cow – η αγελάδα – i agelatha
  • Crow – το κοράκι – to koraki
  • Dog – ο σκύλος – o skilos
  • Donkey – ο γάιδαρος – o yetharos
  • Eagle – ο αετός – o aetos
  • Elephant – ο ελέφαντας – o elefantas
  • Giraffe – η καμηλοπάρδαλη – i kamiloparthala
  • Goat – η κατσίκα – i katsiki
  • Hawk – το γεράκι – to yeraki
  • Horse – το άλογο – to alogo
  • Lamb – το αρνί – to arni
  • Lion – το λιοντάρι – to liondari
  • Monkey – η μαϊμου – i maymoo
  • Mouse – το ποντίκι – to pondiki
  • Owl – η κουκουβάγια – I kookoovagia
  • Pig – το γουρούνι – to gourouni
  • Pigeon – το περιστέρι – to peristeri
  • Rabbit – το κουνέλι – to kooveli
  • Rat – ο αρουραίος – o arouraiois
  • Seagull – ο γλάρος – o glaros
  • Sheep – το προβατο – to provato
  • Snake – το φίδι – to fithi
  • Tiger – η τίγρης – I tigiris
  • Turkey – ο γάλος – o galos
  • Zebra – η ζέβρα – I zebra

It’s true that you might not need all of these words. However, it is a good idea to at least become familiar with them. Read over this list a few times and then really work to memorize the words you suspect you might encounter on a regular basis.

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