Get to Know the Parts of the Body in Greek

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Knowing how to say the parts of the body in Greek is another of those essential skills. These words come in handy when you’re out shopping, while you’re conversing with other Greek speakers, and especially if you need to see the doctor or visit the pharmacy. Each part of the body has its own vocabulary word, but this list only scratches the surface. However, it is a good place to get your knowledge of the body in Greek started.

How to Say the Parts of the Body in Greek – Vocabulary List

Read through this list a few times so that you can get familiar with the words. Here’s a look at the basic vocabulary words for the human body:

  • Arm –  το μπράτσο – to bratso
  • Hand – το χέρι – to heri
  • Finger – το δαχτυλο – to thaxtilo
  • Leg – ο σκέλος – o skilos
  • Foot – το πόδι – to pothi
  • Toe – το δάκτυλο – to thaktilo
  • Body – το σ��μα – to soma
  • Eyes – το μάτι – to mati
  • Mouth – το στόμα – to stoma
  • Teeth – τα δόντια – ta thondia
  • Lips – τα χείλη – ta hilia
  • Tongue – η γλώσσα – i glossa
  • Nose – η μύτη – I miti
  • Ears – τα αυτιά – ta aftia
  • Eyes – τα μάτια – ta matia
  • Face – το πρόσωπο – to prosopo
  • Hair – τα μαλλιά – ta malia
  • Head – το κεφάλι – to kefali
  • Stomach – το στομάχ – to stomahi
  • Back – η πλάτη – i plati
  • Shoulder – ο ώμος – o omos

Remember that it helps to just become familiar with the words. You don’t necessarily need to memorize them. With experience in the language, these words will start to become automatic.

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