Greek Scenery Vocabulary Words

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While learning the Greek language, you will find that your skills will improve as time goes on, even if you only are able to spend a few minutes each day studying. As you feel more comfortable with the language, you will find that you have the desire to express yourself. While spending time in Greece, you might find the need to talk about the scenery, and to do this, you will need to have a good knowledge of some words related to geography and the scenery. Here’s more information:

How to Talk About Scenery in the Greek Language

In order to be able to describe scenery in the Greek language, you need to know some key vocabulary words. Here’s a look at some of the most important words and phrases you should be familiar with:

Greek Geographical Words for Scenery

  • scenery – το σκηνικό – to okiniko
  • island – το νησί – to nisi
  • beach – η παραλία – i paralia
  • sand – η άμμος – i ammos
  • water – το νερό – to nero
  • sea – η θάλασσα – i thalassa
  • ocean – ο ωκεανός – o okeanos
  • coast – η ακτή – i akti
  • mountain – το βουνό – to voono
  • hill – ο λόφος – o lofos
  • view – η θέα – i thea
  • landscape – το τοπίο – to topio
  • sky – ο ουρανός – o ouranos

Greek Phrases and Sentences Describing the Scenery

The following are some examples of how you can use the Greek language for describing the scenery.

  • The sky is blue. Ο ουρανός είναι μπλε. O ouranos eenai ble.
  • The scenery is beautiful. Το τοπίο είναι όμορφο. To topio eenai omorfo.
  • The water is warm. Το νερό είναι ζεστό. To Nero eenai zesto.
  • The mountain is picturesque. Το βουνό είναι γραφικό. To voono eenai grafiko.
  • The view is beautiful. Η θέα είναι όμορφη. I Thea eenai omorfi.

By learning these words and sprinkling in a few adjectives, you will be able to talk about the scenery in Greece no matter which level you are at. Read through this list a few times before traveling to Greece so that you can be confident using the words. You should also learn a handful of descriptive adjectives, such as the words for the colors, along with these words.

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