Greek Vocabulary Words- Clothing

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When it comes to learning Greek, there are certain types of vocabulary you might need to know. The words for the different types of clothes you wear is one of them! This comes in handy in every day conversation, and you’ll also need these words when you go shopping in Greece. Here’s a look at the Greek words that have to do with clothing. This includes not only the words for the clothes themselves, but also some words that you might need to describe the clothes.

Greek Vocabulary Word List – Clothes

  • clothes – τα ρούχα – ta rooha
  • coat – το παλτό – to palto
  • jacket – η ζακέτα – i zaketa
  • hat – το καπέλο – to kapelo
  • pants – τα παντελόνια – ta pantelonia
  • shoes – τα παπούτσια – to papoutsia
  • socks – οι κάλτσες – i kaltses
  • shirt – το πουκάμισο – to lookamiso
  • purse – το πορτοφόλι – to portofoli
  • dress – το φόρεμα – to forema
  • skirt – η φούστα – i foosta
  • sweater – το φούτερ – to footer
  • pullover – το πουλόβερ – to poolover
  • jeans – το τζιν – to jean
  • raincoat – το αδιάβροχο – to athiavroho
  • button – το κουμπί – to koombi
  • sleeve – το μανίκι – to maniki
  • zipper – το φερμουάρ – to fermooar
  • collar – το κολάρο – to kolaro
  • t-shirt – το μπλουζάκι – to bloozaki
  • vest – το γιλέκο – to gileko

Be sure to read through this list a few times. You don’t need to memorize them if you don’t want, but becoming familiar with them will help considerably! There are all types of situations that you can get in that will make you need to know at least some of these words. For example, if you are shopping while in Greece, you’ll need to be able to describe the clothes you would like to buy. If you’re looking for more information and vocabulary on how to shop in Greece, visitt this article for more information.

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