Saying That You Like Something in Greek

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One of the most basic forms of self expression lies in the ability to say that you either like something. We all seem to express these opinions several times throughout the day, and it’s so natural we may not even notice it! As you begin to build your skills in the Greek language, you will begin to crave the ability to express yourself in a personal way. Learning how to say you like something is one of the most basic ways to do that. Here’s more information on how to express this in Greek, as well as some examples:

How to Say That You Like Something

First, you need to learn how to say that you like something. In addition, you should also learn how to express that other people like something, such as he likes, they like, you like, etc. Here’s a look at the vocabulary:

  • I like – μου αρέσει – moo aresi
  • You like (singular) – σου αρέ��ει – soo aresi
  • He likes – του αρέσει – too aresi
  • She likes – της αρέσει – tis aresi
  • It likes – του αρέσει – too aresi
  • We like – μας αρέσει – mas aresi
  • You like (pl)– σας αρέσει – sas aresi
  • They like – τους αρέσει – toos aresi

The following are some examples using the phrases that are above:

  • I like wine – Μου αρέσει το κρασί – Moo aresi to krasi
  • You like wine – σας αρέσει το κρασί – Sas aresi to krasi
  • He likes wine – Του αρέσει το κρασί – Too aresi to krasi
  • She likes wine – Της αρέσει το κρασί – Tis aresi to krasi
  • It likes wine – Του αρέσει το κρασί – Too aresi to krasi
  • We like wine – Μας αρέσει το κρασί- Was aresi to krasi
  • You like (pl) wine – Σας αρέσει το κρασί – Sas aresi to krasi
  • They like wine – Τους αρέσει το κρασί – Toos aresi to krasi

When learning Greek, remember that you don’t need to really obsess over all the finer details. You just need to get an overview of this grammatical concept and then once you do, you’ll be able to use it when conversing. The more you use this phrase, the easier it will become to express yourself using it.

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