Greek Vocabulary Words for Family

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When learning Greek, you’ll want to learn meaningful vocabulary words, such as the words for the members of your family. The Greek people are family oriented, and even in casual conversation, it may be appropriate to talk about the people in your family to the people that you meet. If your family is traveling with you, you may also need these words to introduce them to the people you meet.

Greek Vocabulary Words for Family Members

  • Husband – ο σύζηγος – o sizigos
  • Wife – η σύζυγος – i sizigos
  • Daughter – η κόρη – i kori
  • Son – ο γιος – o yios
  • Sister – η αδερφη – I athelfi
  • Brother – ο αδελφός – athelfos
  • Baby – το μωρό – to moro
  • Mother – η μητέρα – i mitera
  • Father – οπατέραςo pateras
  • Uncle – ο θείος – o theeos
  • Aunt – η θεία –  theea
  • Cousin – ο ξάδελφος – o ksadelfos
  • Grandfather – ο παππούς – o pappoos
  • Grandmother – η γιαγιά – I yaya
  • Grandchildren – τα εγγόνια – ta egonia
  • Stepfather – ο πατριός – o patrios
  • Stepmother – Η Μητριά – i nutria 
  • Fiance – ο αρραβωνιαστικός – o aravoniastikos
  • Niece – η ανιψιά – i anipsia
  • Nephew – ο ανιψιός – o anipsios 

When conversing in Greek with people you’ve never met before, you’ll be happy you know these words! Remember that while learning Greek, you don’t need to worry about getting things perfect. However, you might need to study a little bit. It might help to learn these words fairly quickly if you use flashcards. If you’ve already been exposed to a lot of Greek, you’ll probably have no trouble memorizing them. If you don’t want to study with flashcards, consider reading through the list a few times. Once you gain more exposure to the Greek language, the easier things will get.

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