Strategies for Learning Greek Vocabulary Words

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Learning a language like Greek can be a long process, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult one. There are several skills that need to be developed in order to be comfortable with the language: reading, listening, and speaking. In order to accomplish any of these tasks, you need to learn the basics. Memorizing vocabulary words and their meanings is one of these skills. Here’s a look at some of the strategies you can use in order to memorize the words:

Write Them Down

While taking an official language class, the teacher will often have you write each vocabulary word out several times without writing the English translation. In order to become really comfortable with Greek, you need to find a way to learn the words without translating them in your head.  This particular task will help you memorize the words by helping you bypass the part of your brain that wants to translate each word back into your native language.

Record Yourself Reciting the Words

Another great tactic is that you can record yourself reciting the words and then play it back a few times. This activates the parts of your brain that help you both speak and listen in another language. The act of speaking into the microphone or voice recorder can also help you get over any shyness you may have when it comes to speaking the words in the Greek language and can even help with your pronunciation.

Study With Flashcards

Another great tactic you can use is to study with flashcards. There are two ways to approach this. The first is that you an use a program on your electronic devices, such as your computer or even your phone. The other is to do it the “old fashioned” way of making your own flashcards. This is probably the more effective method because you will further solidify the meanings of the words by writing them yourself.

Read in Greek

Reading in the Greek language can help you learn more vocabulary words. Sure, you can always memorize lists, but unless you find a way to use these words, they won’t stick in your brain long term. Encountering these words while you are reading while help with this. It can also help you expand your vocabulary by gaining exposure to new words.

While learning Greek, you will need to make some effort to memorize the vocabulary words that you encounter. These strategies appeal to a variety of learning styles and they also help build various skills that you will need, such as listening, reading, and speaking. Incorporate as many of these strategies as you are comfortable with and that you have time for.

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