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After some time of learning the Greek language, you may notice that your comfort level with reading the alphabet is increasing. This is a skill that will no doubt come naturally as you get some practice. Whether you read a text, email, or some articles online, doing this will help you build your language skills.

You may also notice that not only is the alphabet different from English, but the punctuation in the Greek language is also unique. In order to effectively read Greek, you need to make sure that you know what the different forms of punctuation actually here. Here’s more information:

Punctuation Marks in the Greek Language –

  • σημεία στίξης – simeia stizis – punctuation
  • η τελεία (.) – i teleia – period
  • η άνω τελεία (·) – i ano teleia – semi colon
  • το κόμμα (,) – to komma – comma
  • η διπλή τελεία (:) – i thipli teleia – colon
  • το ερωτηματικό (;) – to erotimatiko – question mark
  • το θαυμαστικό (!) – to thavmastiko – exclamation mark
  • τα αποσιωπητικά (…) – ta aposiopytika – ellipsis
  • η παρένθεση () – I parenthesis – parenthesis
  • τα εισαγωγικά ( « ») – ta isagogika – quotation
  • η παύλα (-) – i pavla – dash

Although punctuation is used much the same way in Greek as it is in English, they often look different. Also, you’ll want to notice that commas aren’t really used in Greek the way we use them in English. Here’s a look at the punctuation you’ll need to know about:

When it comes to learning Greek, you need to have a wide range of knowledge so that you can cope with most situations that you’ll find in the language. However, if you are only traveling to Greece casually and only need to know a few words and phrases, you won’t need to obsess over these concepts. Just read the list of punctuation over a few times and that should be enough for your purposes. No need to do much more than that.

The Learn Greek section on GreekBoston.com was written by Greeks to help people understand the conversational basics of the Greek language. This article is not a substitute for a professional Greek learning program, but a helpful resource for people wanting to learn simple communication in Greek.

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