Saying the Days of the Week in Greek

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No matter what your goals are for the Greek language, there are certain words that are more prominent than others. One of the most basic sets of words are the days of the week. If you plan to visit Greece, you will see the these words on a regular basis and if you don’t know what they are, you will feel a little lost. Here’s more information:

Where You Will Find The Days of the Week

You may not quite realize it, but when you’re in the country, you will encounter the days of the week on a regular basis. Here’s a look at some of the many instances:

  • On a newspaper or magazine to indicate when the issue was released.
  • On the display of your phone to show what day it is.
  • On a printed ticket to show which day the event is.
  • Posted on a shop or restaurant to show the times they are open.

These are just a few examples, but the reality is, you can’t really escape them. You will encounter these words on a regular basis.

Greek Words for the Days of the Week

Although you may not care what day of the week it is while you’re on vacation to Greece, it is difficult to spend time in the country without hearing these words at least once. Here’s a look at the days of the week:

  • Monday – Δευτέρα – Theftera
  • Tuesday – Τρίτη – Triti
  • Wednesday – Τετάρτη – Tetarti
  • Thursday – Πέμπτη – Pemti
  • Friday Παρασκευή – Paraskevi
  • Saturday – Σάββατο – Sabato
  • Sunday – Κυριακή – Kiriaki

In addition to knowing what these days are, there are also some helpful phrases that you should know. Here’s a look:

  • What day of the week is it? Τι μέρα της εβδομάδας είναι; Ti era tis vthomathas eenai?
  • It is … ΕίναιEenai
  • It is Monday – Είναι Δευτέρα – Eenai Theftera
  • It is Tuesday – Είναι Τρίτη – Eenai Triti
  • It is Wednesday – Είναι Τετάρτη – Eenai Tetarti
  • It is Thursday – Είναι Πέμπτη – Eenai Pemti
  • It is Friday – Είναι Παρασκευή – Eenai Paraskevi
  • It is Saturday – Είναι Σάββατο – Eenai Sabato
  • It is Sunday – Είναι Κυριακή – Eenai Kiriaki

What day is today? – Τι μέρα είναι σήμερα? – Ti era eenai simera?

  • Today is Monday – Σήμερα είναι Δευτέρα – Simera eenai Theftera
  • Today is Tuesday – Σήμερα είναι Τρίτη- Simera eenai Triti
  • Today is Wednesday – Σήμερα είναι Τετάρτη – Simera eenai Tetarti
  • Today is Thursday – Σήμερα είναι Πέμπτη – Simera eenai Pemti
  • Today is Friday – Σήμερα είναι Παρασκευή – Simera eenai Paraskevi
  • Today is Saturday- Σήμερα είναι Σάββατο- Simera eenai Sabato
  • Today is Sunday- Σήμερα είναι Κυριακή – Simera eenai Kiriaki

You don’t really need to memorize these words. It is enough to simply be aware of them. As you gain more exposure to the Greek language, you will naturally remember them. Consider spending at least a few minutes, though, trying to familiarize yourself with the words by reading them out loud a few times or writing the out on a piece of paper.

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