Greek Words and Phrases Expressing Romantic Love

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Are you wondering how to express romantic love and feelings in the Greek language? In Greek, there are different words that describe different types of love. We mentioned the differences in a previous article. However, in this article, we are going to focus on all words and phrases pertaining to romantic love, relationships, dating, etc. Here’s more information about the words and phrases you might encounter:

Greek Vocabulary Words and Phrases About Romantic Love

  • αγάπη – agapi – unconditional love
  • Σε αγαπώ (Σ’ αγαπώ) – se agapo, s’agapo – I love you
  • Με αγαπάς? – me agamas? Do you love me?
  • Μου λείπεις – moo lepees – I miss you
  • Σου λείπω? – soo leepo – Do you miss me?
  • Σε θέλω – se thelo – I want you
  • Με θέλεις? – me thelees – Do you want me?
  • Μωρό μου – moro moo – baby
  • Αγάπη μου – agapi moo – my love
  • Με κάνεις ευτυχισμένο / ευτυχισμένη – me kanis eftihismeno (man) / eftihismeni (woman) – you make me happy
  • Θέλω να είμαστε μαζί για πάντα – thelo na imaste mazi gia panda – I want to be together forever.
  • Θα ήθελες να βγούμε έξω για δείπνο; Tha itheles na vyoome ekso ya theepno; Do you want to go to dinner with me?
  • Είσαι ελεύθερος αυτό το Σαββατοκύριακο; Ise eleftheros afto to Sabatokiriako?
  • Τι ώρα να συναντηθούμε; – To ora na sinandithoome – What time should we meet?
  • Πού να συναντηθούμε; Poo na sinandithoome – Where shall we meet?
  • Δείχνεις πολύ ωραίος. Theeknees poli oreas. You look great/beatiful.
  • Μπορώ να σε ξαναδώ; – boro na se ksanatho – Can I see you again?
  • Θα σε πάρω τηλέφωνο. Tha se paro teléfono. I will call you.

If you are spending an extended time in Greece and you’re dating or in a relationship, you will definitely encounter some of these words! Read through the list a few times so you can be familiar with them in case you need to speak Greek with your love interest.

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