Singing Kalanta Christougenon in Greek

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While learning the Greek language, it can be fun to learn about the culture. Just like in other countries, there are some beloved Christmas carols that the Greek people love to sing, and there are some traditions associated with them, as well. The most traditional of all of these is called the Κάλαντα Χριστουγέννων (Kalanta Christougenon), which means “Christmas Carol”. This is considered to be one of the most popular Christmas songs in Greece.

How to Sing Κάλαντα Χριστουγέννων in Greek

The following are the words to this popular Christmas song, followed by a video of the song being sung. Make sure you listen to it once or twice so you can get the melody if you don’t know it!

Here’s a look at the words to the carol in Greek, as well as the translation into English:

Καλήν εσπέραν άρχοντες, – kalin esperan arhontes – Good evening noblemen

αν είναι ορισμός σας, – an ine orismos sas – If this is your will,

Χριστού τη Θεία γέννηση, –  Christu ti thia genissi – Christ’s Holy Birth

να πω στ’ αρχοντικό σας. – Na po st’ arhontiko sas – May I sing in your noble house

Χριστός γεννάται σήμερον, – Christos gennate simeron – Christ is being born today

εν Βηθλεέμ τη πόλη, –  en Vithleem ti poli – in the town of Bethelehem

οι ουρανοί αγάλλονται, – I ourani agalonte – the heavens rejoice

χαίρεται η φύσις όλη. – Herete I fissis oli – All of nature is happy.

Εν τω σπηλαίω τίκτεται, – en to spileo tiktete – He’s being born inside the cave

εν φάτνη των αλόγων, – en fatni ton alogon – In a manger for horses

ο βασιλεύς των ουρανών, – o vassilefs ton ouranon – the King of the Heavens

και ποιητής των όλων. – ke piitis ton olon – The Creator of everything.

Πλήθος αγγέλων ψάλλουσι, – plithos agelon psalousi – a crowd of angels are singing

το Δόξα εν υψίστοις, – to doksa en ipsistis – Hosanah in the Highest

και τούτο άξιον εστί, – ke touton aksion esti – and holy is

η των ποιμένων πίστις. – I ton pimenon pistis – The faith of the shepherds.

Εκ της Περσίας έρχονται – Ek tis Persias erxonte – From Persia three magi arrive

τρεις μάγοι με τα δώρα – tris magi me ta dora – the magi arrive with their gifts

άστρο λαμπρό τους οδηγεί – Astro lambro tous odigi – A bright star shows them the way

χωρίς να λείψει ώρα. choris na lipsi I ora -Without any delay.

Σ’ αυτό το σπίτι που ‘ρθαμε, – S’afto to spiti pou’pthame – In this house we have come

πέτρα να μη ραγίσει – petra na mi ragisi – May no stone ever crack

κι ο νοικοκύρης του σπιτιού – ki o nikokiris tou spitiou – and the landlord

χρόνια πολλά να ζήσει. – Chronia polla na zisi – May live for many years

In Greece, children go door to door on Christmas Eve with the purpose of singing Christmas carols. When they sing, they are usually invited in and given a snack, which are usually some cookies or kouloura, a type of sweet roll made with a similar dough as the Christopsomo, the Greek Christmas bread. The Κάλαντα Χριστουγέννων song is always on the lineup as well as other popular favorites, such as άγια νύχτα, or Silent Night.


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