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Olives have been a part of Greek history, agriculture, and cooking for over 3,500 years. The only place that produces more olives than Greece is Spain. It’s no surprise that Greece produces some of the most well-known and delicious olives.

Amfissa is a popular Greek olive that comes in both green and black varieties. These olives are used in the making of olive oil as well as being enjoyed in olive form on their own or and with meals and snacks. Its lemony flavor means Amfissa olives pair nicely with goat cheese and Greek feta cheese. Amfissa olives also pairs well with dishes such as Greek olive flatbread with feta and roasted red peppers and olive and herb roasted potatoes. In Greece, these olives are often added to stews and soups.

Amfissa olives are hand-picked when very ripe from where they grow on the hills of Delphi, home of the ancient Greek oracles. It can be noted that Amfissa is also the name of a town in Phocis, which is part of Delphi. The trees of black Amfissa olives are tall, averaging 7 – 10 meters tall. These grapes are also known as Black Volos, Agrinio olives, and Arta as they are produced in different parts of Greece. Black Amfissa olives are one of the largest of the Greek varieties.

Amfissa olives are made from the Conservolea olives that are grown in the Amfissa Valley. These Conservolea trees begin bearing the fruit after 3 – 4 years. It is estimated that 70% of the table olives produced in Greece are Amfissa olives.

Type of Greek Olive

Amfissa olives are round with a firm skin and crisp texture. They are also described as having mildly sweet flesh. Amfissa olives come in green, black, and black/brown varieties. The black color is actually a very deep, dark purple color.

Where Amfissa Greek Olives are Produced

Amfissa Greek olives are produced in Delphi, Greece.

Amfissa Greek Olive Flavor Description

Amfissa Greek olives are firm and crisp with a buttery taste and citrus notes. The Amfissa olives are mildly sweet.

Facts About Amfissa Greek Olives

  • Young, green Amfissa olives are round in shape and small in size.
  • Amfissa olives are cured for about 3 months with natural sea salt brine and citric acid.
  • They should be eaten within 18 months of their production date.
  • Olives are a fruit and they have pits like cherries, avocados, and peaches.
  • Olives are drupes as they have a stony endocarp with a seed inside, but are not part of the same category as stone-fruits.
  • During the time the oracles were in Delphi, there were no olive trees, but now the area is filled with them.

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