Why Do Greeks Have a Coffee Hour After Church?

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If you’ve attended your share of Greek Orthodox Church services on Sunday, you are well acquainted with the coffee hour that takes place after the service. It’s something that always happens, and many Greek churches have adopted this tradition. In fact, it is so common that we tend to expect it.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we do it? For the most part, it is looked at as a community builder and is purely for social reasons. It isn’t something that the church requires. Here’s a look at all the reasons why it’s a good idea to have a fellowship hour after the service:

Share a Meal Together

Sharing food in a community setting can be a beautiful thing and is something that many people enjoy. The food choices may vary depending on the church. Some have desserts, donuts, or pastries. Other churches might even serve a meal, depending on the situation. For those who took communion during the service, the meal is welcomed since chances are pretty good that they skipped breakfast. Either way, food is something that can bring the community closer together.

Socialize With Other Parishioners

Mostly, coffee hour gives people a chance to socialize with one another. Some people attend to church in order to interact with their family and friends. Others are new to the are and are hoping to meet people by attending coffee hour. Some are converts and are looking to connect with people in the church so that they can build their spiritual family. No matter what the reasons are, the coffee hour is a chance to get to know other people in the church.

Build Your Church Family

When it comes to being an Orthodox Christian, it is nice to build a solid community of friends and family whom you are able to share your faith. Your church family gives you a chance to do this because these are people who can love and support you throughout your spiritual journey. The best place to meet and connect with your church family is at coffee hour!

As you can see, coffee hour isn’t something that is a requirement for all Greek churches. However, most opt to have one because of all the benefits it can give to the community.

The Religion section on GreekBoston.com was written by Greeks to help people understand some of the traditions of the Orthodox Christian religion, which is a religion practiced by people in countries such as Greece, Russia, United States, and other nations throughout the world. This article is not a substitute for information found in the Holy Bible or by our church fathers, priests, and other clergy members.

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