The Greek Orthodox religion has many religious traditions that extend to Greeks throughout the world.  In this section you will find helpful Greek Orthodox religious articles that explain the reasons why things are done in the Greek Orthodox religion.

Overview of the Orthodox Cross

The Orthodox Cross actually goes by a few different names. It’s also referred to as the Russian Cross, Byzantine Cross, and the Suppendaneum Cross. Though every cu... Read More

History of the Nicene Creed

  At its most basic level of understanding, the Nicene Creed is both a declaration of our faith and a concise statement of our beliefs. In fact, according to We... Read More

All About The Icon of Theophany

When we look at the icon of Theophany we see many different things and imagery used to tell us the story. In the very center we see Jesus Christ almost naked (naked ... Read More

Nativity of the Theotokos

On September 8th, we celebrate the Nativity or Birth of the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary. The Theotokos was born to righteous parents named Joachim and Anna. Their... Read More

Divorce in the Orthodox Church

Holy Matrimony is an optional sacrament that enables a man and a woman to commit their lives to God. When they have children, they vow to commit their lives to God, ... Read More