Tips for Hosting a Greek Orthodox Church Sunday Coffee Hour

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Do you need to watch your Greek Orthodox church services online? These days, modern technology makes it possible to view church services from the comfort of our homes. All we need is the Internet and a way to stream the services. These days, streaming a live church service is easier than ever.

One thing that people miss while watching a church service at home is interacting with other parishioners. However, you can also do this at home by hosting a virtual coffee hour!

Here’s some advice on tips for Greek Orthodox churches to take their Sunday Coffee Hour online:

Find a Way to Host the Coffee Hour

You first need some type of software in order to host the coffee hour. You should consider one that is compatible with both mobile devices and computers or laptops. This will make it possible for as many people to attend as possible. You should also ensure that the software used can accommodate as many people as you want to attend. Try to use a software that also allows for face-to-face interaction as well, such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.

Decide if There Will Be a Theme

Will you need a theme for your coffee hour, or is this just a way to allow people to talk to one another? A theme can give people a sense of what people can expect at the virtual coffee hour. You can opt to select a topic to discuss or let people know in advance what the goal of the conversation is. There’s nothing wrong with letting the conversation evolve! However theme, overall, will provide a sense of structure to the virtual party so it does not just feel like a time for everyone to simply chat.

Treat it like a Real Coffee Hour

Make sure you treat your virtual coffee hour like it’s really occurring in person! This will promote a certain sense of excitement and emotion surrounding your party that will be at the same level as it would a real party. Allot for invitations, dress codes and even plan activities just as you would for an in-person party.

Appoint a Host for the Coffee Hour

At a typical coffee hour, people spend a fair amount of time mingling. However, in a virtual setting, this might be a little difficult. Appointing a host for the coffee hour can help the conversation flow better. It can also enable people to feel included and prevent a handful of people from dominating the conversation. The host can be in charge of keeping the piece and allowing the conversation to flow in a natural way.

Manage the Guest List

Make sure, as mentioned above, that your virtual coffee hour can accommodate the number of people you want to attend by the software that you utilize. Also, keep the guest list specific to the types of guests you want to invite, whether they are your work friends, best friends or family members to name a few ideas. Make sure that the activities, dress code and overall party atmosphere adhere to the individuals that you are inviting as well.

A virtual coffee can be just as an in-person one when logistics are thought out!. Make sure you develop a guest list that caters to the best software that you choose. Host the coffee hour in the way that works best for you, and be sure to keep the excitement going with excellent conversation.

The Religion section on was written by Greeks to help people understand some of the traditions of the Orthodox Christian religion, which is a religion practiced by people in countries such as Greece, Russia, United States, and other nations throughout the world. This article is not a substitute for information found in the Holy Bible or by our church fathers, priests, and other clergy members.

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