Orthodox Saint Abercius History and Name Day Information

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The saints are a big part of the life of present day Orthodox Christians. There are plenty of saints whose lives can be studied and each of them played an important part in the early days of the church. Many are even named after some of these saints. Those who are would celebrate their name days on the saints’ feast days.

Saint Abercius is one of those saints. His feast day is on October 22nd of each year. Here’s more information about him:

About Saint Abercius 

Saint Abercius, also know as Abercius, Equal to the Apostles, Wonderworker of Hieropolis, and the Bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia, is one of the saints of the Orthodox Christian Church. He was alive when Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor, was alive. This was a time of heavy Christian persecution by the Romans.

He is most known for having defaced pagan idols and statues. He snuck into the Temple of Apollo at night and began overturning statues. The pagans saw that he was doing it and many rushed to stop him, but while this was happening he also declared that the gods had become drunk from all the wine they were given. Furious, many pagans rushed to avenge the gods over this insult. When they arrived, Abercius cast out their demons, which caused the whole city to become Christians. Abercius lived a long life serving God and died peacefully. Some sources say he passed away in 167 AD and other sources place his death at 186 AD.

Hymns of Saint Abercius 

Saint Abercius’s feast day is on October 22nd.  Here are the hymns that are sung or chanted on this day.

Apolytikion of Abercius of Hierapolis – Fourth Tone

A model of faith and the image of gentleness, the example of your life has shown you forth to your sheep-fold to be a master of temperance. You obtained thus through being lowly, gifts from on high, and riches through poverty. Abercius, our father and priest of priests, intercede with Christ our God that He may save our souls.

Kontakion of Abercius of Hierapolis – Plagal of the Fourth Tone

The Church of all the faithful doth acclaim thee, O Abercius, as a great priest and a worthy companion of the twelve Apostles of the Lord. By thy prayers, O blest Hierarch, keep the Church safe from every vain-minded heresy, unconquered and unshaken for ever, O thou most wondrous one.

Saint Abercius is one of the early saints of the Orthodox Christian Church. His feast day is on October 22nd of year.  Check the Name Day page for more information about other Orthodox Christian name days.


Abercius – Equal to the Apostles – Also Source for Image Above

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