Is it Okay to Stream a Greek Orthodox Church Service Online?

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We have been taught that it is a good idea to attend Greek Orthodox church services on a regular basis. However, what happens when you can’t attend a service because you are house bound or the option to attend church formerly were somehow taken away from you? There are some believe that nothing can replace an in-person service. However, in the case where attending church is actually not an option, streaming it online is a welcome option.

The very fact that some churches actually broadcast their services means that there is a need for this type of service. Those who are unable to attend church, no matter the reason, need to find a way to bring church into their lives.

Here’s more information about whether or not it is okay to actually stream a Greek Orthodox Church Service:

It’s Not Always Possible to Gather Publicly to Worship

There was a time when Christians were regularly persecuted. Although Christians have proclaimed their faith when faced with persecution, there has also been a need to worship somewhat privately. Church services were held in private locations, such as as people’s homes, in caves, and in other community locations. Whether this was because there simply wasn’t a public church or because they lived in a region where Christians were regularly persecuted, it is important to remember that there have been times where Christians weren’t gathering publicly to worship.

Getting the Most Out of Online Streaming of a Church Service

Let’s just assume that you are unable to attend church for whatever reason. It may feel strange watching a church service online rather than attend in person, and it take some getting used to. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t feel spiritually fulfilled! Here are some tips that can help you get the most of it:

  • Give the service your full attention. While home, it is tempting to let things distract your attention. You might be tempted to watch the service while doing some of your chores, reading something, or playing with your phone. If you focus on the service without multi-tasking, you’ll get more out of it.
  • Get dressed for the day. If you are forced to watch a service from home, you may be tempted to do so in your lounging clothes. You might want to try getting dressed as if you were leaving your house as a way of treating this time as sacred time!
  • Light incense and gather your icons. If you have incense and religious icons at home, you may want to bring them near you while the service is going on. Light some incense so the smell can remind you of being in church. Your icons can also increase the feeling that you are actually in church.

If it comes down to stream a service or don’t participate in church  at all, streaming is the much better option. This is why many churches offer a streaming service. Not only that, but what if you were going through a time where people were unable to gather in a formalized church setting? Watching the service at home is much better option than missing out.

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