Akrotiri – Minoan Archaeological Site on Santorini

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When people think of visiting Greece, the island of Santorini tops the list. Part of the island’s charm lies in how it is perched above the sea. The island itself is located on the rim of an ancient volcano and the caldera in the center is the part of the island that was blown into the sea during an ancient eruption. It’s been a long time since the volcano erupted, and the island has since flourished. Visitors flock here with the intent of enjoying all that the place has to offer.

Besides being an island filled with modern charms, it is also an island that is very much aware of the past. Nowhere is this more prevalent at the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, which is a fine example of a Minoan settlement. Here’s more information:

Getting to the Island of Santorini

Before you can visit the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, you need to first make it to the island of Santorini. Since it is so popular, there are multiple ways to get here. First of all, Santorini has an airport and flights come here from the Athens Airport on a regular schedule. You can also take a ferry from Piraeus, one of the nearby islands, or any other of the major ports in Greece. This is also a popular cruise destination, and if you are interested in taking a cruise and would like to visit the island, just make sure that the island is on the itinerary. Once you arrive in Santorini you can take a bus or a taxi to your hotel and then onwards to the Akrotiri Archaeological Site.

Visiting the Akrotiri Archaeological Site

One of the charms of visiting Greece is that you have the ability to experience a place where the past meets the present. The Minoan civilization is an ancient one, and there are remnants of this culture throughout islands like Santorini. The Akrotiri ruins are a great example of this type of settlement. It is thought that the Akrotiri settlement was destroyed in 1627 B.C but enough of it has survived in order to give people a chance to learn about the Minoan presence on the island. Archaeologists began to excavate here off and on since 1867.

What to See While Here

There are some unique features of the Akrotiri main settlement. For starters, there are many fine examples here of Minoan frescoes and measures have been taken to preserve them. Most of the artifacts found here, however, are being housed in a nearby museum. While visiting the settlement, however, it is best to take a tour or hire an independent guide to show you around. He or she can show you all the sites while also explaining to you where you can go to view the artifacts. This is also a great place for walking and taking in the sites.

While on Santorini, be sure to visit the Akrotiri Archaeological Site.


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