Enjoy Svoronata Village on Kefalonia

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Kefalonia is one of those Greek islands that seems to have a charm all its own. Lush and half-wild, it’s a place where popl can easily get lost. While here, travelers can visit the old-world Svoronata Village. With Kefalonia Island located on the Ionian Sea, Svoronta Village is a quiet inland village only about a mile from beautiful beaches and the sea. Family friendly, the village is a great destination for most travelers. Here’s more information:

Getting to Svoronata Village

Svoronata Village is easy to access by car once on the island. To get to the island, visitors can travel by boat or by plane as Kefalonia does have an airport approximately 9 km from Svoronta Village. It is recommended to review the boat and flight schedules, as frequency will vary based on the time of year. The flight from Athens is very short, lasting around 45 minutes. After arriving on the island, buses, taxis, and car rentals can all be utilized to access Svoronata Village.

About Svoronata Village

Located in the Livathos region of Kefalonia, Svoronata Village is a quiet village surrounded by verdant countryside. Orange groves, olive groves, and fruit orchards encapsulate the village, providing a peaceful and beautiful scenery to those arriving in Svoronata. Much of the architecture of the town retains the original architecture and can feel like stepping back in time.

Svoronata Village is not as lively of a night scene as other Greek Islands. However, Svoronata Village is full of charm and lovely people. There are some options for eating out and purchasing basic grocery goods, but this is a village that is truly a village, and not a glitzy tourist town, which definitely lends to its allure.

What to Do at Svoronata Village

Svoronata Village provides many opportunities for activities for travelers. Of course, there is a visit to the sea. With three beaches and so few other travelers, it can feel like a personal oasis to visit the beach. While the beaches are about a mile from the town, they are within walking or driving distance of the village. The village itself is a fascinating place to wander through. Spend a day or two walking through the meandering city streets, and take the time to view the amazing gardens and beautiful homes in the city.

Lord Byron, one of the most famous poets from Britain, was known to visit a windmill in the village and wander the streets. There is a church in Svoronata which is among the largest on Kefalonia, and the church itself contains examples of frescoes which can captivate any visitor. For many visitors, the main purpose of traveling to Svoronata Village is for a trip of calm and tranquility and to step away from their busy lives.

Visiting Svoronata Village is an amazing way to take time to relax and enjoy vacation. With the charm of the village and the beauty of the sea and surrounding orchards and groves, one can imagine that little has changed in this village in centuries. With very friendly people, Svoronata Village is welcoming to all visitors and should be included on any traveler’s itinerary when visiting Kefalonia. Conveniently located near the airport, it is only a short journey to rest and relaxation on the Ionian Sea.

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