Spend Time at the Beach in Arachova, Greece

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Arachova is a beautiful mountain town that isn’t far from the sea. This means that there are plenty of beaches to enjoy while you’re here! When visiting Arachova, you’ll want to spend plenty of time enjoying the sunshine at the beach. Here are some beaches you should visit while here:

Itea Beach

Located 26 km from Arachova, Itea Beach is at the Crissean Gulf close to the port. Itea Beach is popular with both locals and tourists. The water of this beach are crystal blue and ideal for swimming. There are trees lining the beach that provide shade on hot and sunny days.

The name Itea means “willow trees” and you will find that there is plenty of shade here to keep you satisfied.  There are facilities around the beach that will make your visit more enjoyable. Itea Beach is family friendly with small coves where you can relax and get away from the noise.

Distomo Beach

Distomo Beach is located 30 km east of Arachova and close to the town of Distomo. The beach is partly organized and family friendly. Distomo Beach is also known as Aspra Spitia, which means “white houses.” The beach features umbrellas, showers, and changing cabins. Distomo Beach is 4km of white and grey pebbles.

The beach begins at the port of Agios Nikolaos and stretches to another beach called Aspra Spitia, which is located near Antikyra Village. Distomo Beach is divided by a small river, which adds to the charm of the beach and the village. When visiting the beach of Distomo, you will enjoy the varied landscapes.

Antikyra Beach

This beach is one you won’t want to miss while in Arachova. The beach itself is located about 2 kilometers away from the village itself, but it’s well worth the effort it will take to get here. There is plenty of gorgeous, crystalline water to enjoy here and the conditions at the beach lend itself well to spending long periods of time here lounging.

Antikyra Beach is surrounded by some beautiful vegetation, such as mulberry bushes, olive trees, and Cyprus trees. This gives the beach some nice shade to enjoy while here if you find that you need to get away from the sun. To get here, you can drive a rental car directly to the beach. You can also hire a taxi to take you here.

The town of Arachova is off the beaten track, but it certainly boasts some pristine beaches! While here, you will want to spend plenty of times lounging by the water and taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine.

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