Museums to Visit in Naxos, Greece

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Naxos is an island rich in stunning beauty, impressive architecture, and fascinating history. This place has it all, but one of the main things to do is to visit one of its many museums. Each of these has its own special purpose. Here are a few of the interesting museums of the island of Naxos.

Archaeological Museum of Naxos

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos is housed in a historical building that is a good example of architecture during the Frankish rule. It is a five-storey building built on the Frankish fortification walls. The building was originally designed and built to house a school of Jesuits. The building has been used as the Archaeological Museum since 1973.

The museum showcases items of every day use from the Late Neolithic period to the Early Christian Times, which were found during excavations on the island after World War II. Some of the most important exhibits at the museum include: a marble vase dating to the Early Cycladic period, an early Cycladic marble figurine from Keros, and gold jewelry from tombs at Tsikalario and Chora.

Byzantine Museum of Naxos

The Byzantine Museum of Naxos is housed in an imposing building of the Kastro, a four-level tower that offers a wonderful view of the harbor. At the tower’s main entrance, there is the Barozzi and Crispi family coat of arms. They were past owners of the tower. The last owner of the tower donated it to the state. On exhibit at the Byzantine Museum of Naxos are collections of Byzantine sculptures from Naxos and the Cyclades that date between the 7th and 12th centuries.

Venetian Museum of Naxos

The Venetian Museum of Naxos is housed in an impressive mansion of the Naxos citadel called the Della Rocca-Barozzi Tower. The museum is privately run and tours are given by a member of the Della Rocca-Barozzi family. Items showcased at the museum include: furniture, paintings, utensils, garments, and textiles. There is a beautiful garden on the property of the museum. The garden acts as a venue for music concerts. The Venetian Museum of Naxos aims to help its visitors understand the island’s Catholic rulers and get a glimpse into how life was lived and the influence of culture.

Folklore Museum of Apiranthos

The Folklore Museum of Apiranthos is located in Platsa, the main square. The museum houses over 1,200 items of popular art that were donated by locals. Exhibits at the museum include equipment used in cultivation, collection, and threshing of crops and bread making. When you visit the Folklore Museum of Apiranthos, you will be able to view furniture, traditional costumes, and instruments that include traditional bagpipes, percussion instruments, and a wood instrument called a souvliari. You can buy items such as books, ceramics, paintings, and CDs of traditional music at the Folklore Museum of Naxos.

Geological Museum of Apiranthos

The Geological Museum is located in the primary school of Apiranthos. The museum has an impressive collection of over 2,000 samples of minerals, fossils, and rocks. It is considered one of the best geological museums in all of Greece.

Visit the museums of Naxos, Greece for a glimpse into its history. You can’t go wrong spending time at any one of these!

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