Tour the Archaeological Museum in Sparta, Greece

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Greece is one of those fascinating places to visit because interspersed with modern life, you can find touches of the ancient. The country’s ancient history is legendary, and places like Sparta were pivotal to the history of not only Greece, but the rest of the world. If you find yourself in Sparta, you will no doubt want to learn about that history. The Spartan Archaeological museum is a great place to do that. Here’s more information about the museum and how you can go about visiting it:

About the Spartan Archaeological Museum

In Ancient Greece, Sparta was a warrior society and the people were known for their bravery in battle. These ideals were prevalent in all aspects of their society, and this is exactly what this museum showcases. The museum itself has been around since 1874, and it is still standing today. This museum crams a lot of history in plenty of artifacts within each of its rooms.

Depending on how much time you want to spend at the museum, it can take you anywhere from one to two hours to see everything displayed. History buffs may even want to spend longer! This is a great museum for people from all around the world, and of all ages, so even families with small children are definitely welcomed.

What to See at the Spartan Archaeological Museum

Visiting this museum will give you a much better understanding on how the Spartan culture functioned. The majority of findings displayed are from the ancient Acropolis of Sparta, but also from the rest of the township of Laconia. All items showcased cover the period from the Neolithic to the late Roman Era.

On display in seven different rooms, are numerous ancient artifacts which include items such as mind blowing columns, clay masks from the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia, legendary figurines/sculptures and beautiful mosaics. Most people will even be happy to know that most explanations for displays are not only displayed in Greek, but also in English!

Here is a look at what will find in each of the museum’s seven rooms:

  • Room I: Stelae of Roman years
  • Room II: Finds from the shrine of Artemis Orthia
  • Room III: Monumental sculpture and portraiture of Roman era
  • Room IV: Prehistoric finds from the wider region of Lakonia
  • Room V: Mosaics of the Hellenistic and Roman times
  • Room VI: Architectonic parts of Apollo temple in Amyclae
  • Room VII: Finds of Lakonian sculpture

How to Get to the Spartan Archaeological Museum

Finding Spartan Archaeological Museum is super simple considering it’s right smack in the middle of the city of Sparta, located right in downtown. Fortunately, numerous hotels are within walking distance of the museum such as Menelaion, Lakonia, Hotel Maniatis, Dioscouri and Apollon Hotel. Don’t feel like walking or you’re just a bit further away? If you don’t feel like walking, you can either drive your rental car or take a taxi right to the front door.

While in the city of Sparta, Greece you won’t want to miss the chance to visit this museum.

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