Assos is a Traditional Village on Kefalonia Island

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Kefalonia is one of those popular islands that has retained much of its natural beauty. Whether exploring the pristine countryside or spending time at one of the island’s unique beaches, the scenery here is part of the reason why people flock here. There are also plenty of villages interspersed throughout the island, and Assos is one of those that you should really consider visiting. Here’s more information about this traditional village:

Gertting to Assos in Kefalonia

Assos is located about 20 kilometers or so to the north of Argostoli, which is the capital of the island. Whether you stay in or near Argostoli or prefer to stay closer to Assos is up to you. Typically, most journeys to the island seem to center around the capital since there is so much to do. It should take about thirty minutes to drive from Argostoli to Assos if you begin your journey from there. To get to the island in the first place, you can take either a ferry or an airplane depending on your budget and where you plan to begin your journey.

Why Visit Assos Village

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Assos village. It is a bit tucked away, which means that much of the tourist crowd might not find their way here. There are only about 100 Kefalonians living here, which means that the village has retained much of its original charm. People pass their days quietly and it is known for being a quaint fishing village. It is also known for being one of the most charming and gorgeous traditional villages on the island and is therefore worth a visit.

What to Do in Assos

Since the village is so small, you may be wondering what you can do when you get here. One of the main draws here is that the village itself is located in a peaceful bay and has a nice waterfront area. There is also a castle here that originates from the Venetian time period and dates to around the 16th century. Although the castle is in ruins, it is still worth a visit. You can also meander through the streets and visit some of the small shops and enjoy the traditional look of the buildings. There are also some tavernas here where you can eat a delicious, traditional meal.

This is also an excellent village for walking. If you want to see the ruins of the Venetian castle, you will need to take a longer walk, but the path is well maintained and filled with beautiful scenery and vegetation, such as olive trees. There is also a nice view at the castle itself.

Overall, your visit to Assos will be peaceful and relaxing. This is a place for passing a quiet day enjoying the scenery, strolling through the streets, and eating a traditional Greek meal. You won’t want to miss the chance to visit this beautiful, traditional village!

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