Visit Aponisos Beach in Agistri

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VisitAgistri Island may be small, but it is packed with gems in the unpopulated hills. There are plenty of beaches on the island with unbelievably clear water, and Aponisos is one of them. If you come from a busy city, you will appreciate the peace and quiet surrounding the whole area. There are not many tourists; the beach is less crowded. Sailors enjoy their trip to Agistri Island because of the never-ending blue waters. Before you go to Aponisos Beach, here is what you need to know.

About Aponisos Beach 

Aponisos Beach is located southwest of Agistri Island, after passing through Limenaria village. Like most beaches on the island, it’s surrounded by rock features and pine trees. The pin trees stop down the beach on a flat rock where many boats anchor. But the main attraction is the clear waters. The unique color combination at the beach will remind you of an exotic place. If you happen to stumble upon the exotic beach, take a day and enjoy everything it happens to offer. Most of the travelers that visit the beach agree that it’s a hidden gem.

What to Do at Aponisos Beach 

Sunbathing and swimming are the top activities to do when you get to Aponisos beach. It’s a private beach; you will pay five euros to spend the day. But the breath-taking beauty is worth every penny. You will get access to sunbeds that are close to the water and shade from the sun. The bathing area on the ricks has steps and ladders down to the waters. There is a fish tavern at the beach that serves fresh, delicious fish every day. Their services are exceptional.

You can enjoy a drink while you watch the sunset over the neighboring islands. If you get a tube or air mattress, you can drift on the water, but be careful not to drift too far from the beach. Occasionally yachts will anchor there for the passengers to take a dive. A fish dish after a bath or swim sounds very appealing. The beach is very organized, and it has deck chairs and sea sports, but you will have to find accommodation somewhere else.

Do not forget to pack your snorkeling gear because there is plenty of wildlife at the beach. Take advantage of this time to get close to some of the sea animals. If you make the most out of your day, you will walk out of there feeling content and excited. The edges are quite rocky; you have to be careful when navigating the waters.

Getting to Aponisos Beach 

Aponisos is accessed via bus or car on the southern part of the island. If you are taking the bus, you will have to know the timetable to avoid inconveniences. If you are visiting for leisure, pick up a cheap rental car near Aponisos Beach and drive yourself. You will see a lot more things without limitations.

Aponisos Beach is one of the most exotic in Agistri. When you reach the beach, enjoy the fish delicacies at the tavern when taking a break from the water. Walk around and explore the rocky ages, and if you still have time, try snorkeling.

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