Spend Time at the Attica Zoological Park in Athens

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The Attica Zoological Park is the perfect destination for animal lovers and families. It is a great place to visit while in Athens, especially if you have want a break from seeing all the historical sites that are in the area. Here’s what you should know while visiting this park:

About the Attica Zoological Park

The Attica Zoological Park opened in 2000 as a bird park that housed the third largest bird collection in the world. There were 1,100 birds from 300 species. There were also farm animals for younger visitors to the park to learn about and enjoy. The park consists of three walk-in aviaries, which are miniatures of three continents, that allow visitors to walk around and get to know the bird flora and fauna as it relates to each continent.

In 2001, the World of Reptiles was added to the Attica Zoological Park. Over the years more additions would be made to the park including the Greek Fauna section, the African Savannah section that features animals from Africa, the Big Cats sections, the Monkey and Apes section, Cheetah Land that is home to four cheetahs, and the Arid Lands sections that hosts camels, Somali wild asses, and more. The Attica Zoological Park has also become home to 4 dolphins, 2 California sea lions, 2 Persian leopards, and 2 Asian elephants. Other expansions to the Attica Zoological Park include: Dinosavropolis, which is an evolution museum that focuses on the age of dinosaurs, and Okeanopolos, an impressive aquarium.

The aim of the Attica Zoological Park is to raise public awareness of the animal kingdom and help to preserve and breed species that are nearing extinction. Thirty percent of the animals at the park are rare or threatened by extinction.

Spend Time at the Attica Zoological Park

Visiting the Attica Zoological Park is a wonderful and unique experience. You can explore the zoo on your own or you can take part in a guided tour that takes an hour to an hour and half. If you are visiting the zoo as a family, you can have hands-on encounters that include: the Falconer Experience where you will be introduced to the art of falconry, the Farm Animal Keeper Experience where you will learn more about cows, rabbits, ponies, and goat to name a few, and the Birds of Prey Experience where you will get a private interactive tour of the Birds of Prey and behind-the-scenes experiences.

Animals at the Attica Zoological Park include wild boars, American alligators, red-eared turtles, Arabian oryx, Siamang gibbons, komodo dragons, and so many more. Some of the birds at the park include: the yellow collared lovebirds, the Egyptian goose, the white ibis, and the mute swan. You can easily spend hours exploring the Attica Zoological Park.

Located in Athens, the Attica Zoological Park is not difficult to get to. It is located next to the Athens Designer Outlet. You can get to the park by bus from Doukisis Plakentias Station, which leaves every 35 minutes. You can also get to the park by taxi or car. If you drive, parking is available.


Attica Park

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