Attractions to See in Arachova, Greece

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Arachova is a village close to Delphi. It’s well-known for being a winter destination thanks to the ski resorts nearby. Arachova is also a village with a rich history and breathtaking nature. The area of Arachova, Greece has plenty of attractions for you to see when you want to do some sight-seeing.

Church of Agios Georgios

To reach the Church of Agios Georgios, you will climb 250 marble stairs from the central street of Arachova. When you reach the top, you will find the impressive church, which is protector of the town. The Church of Agios Georgios was constructed in 1676, but it is thought that the four columns that are made of marble date from the paleochristian time. The yard of the church features a monument with a bust of Karaiskakis as well as a canon. Georgios Karaiskakis helped the Greeks win against the Turks in a battle that took place in April of 1826 in that very yard. This win set the town free from the Ottomans.

Corycian Cave

Located just 10 km from Arachova is the Corycian Cave, also known as Sarantavli. Ancient geographer Pausanias claimed the cave was once used as a temple devoted to the worship of god Pan and the nymphs. The cave was named for the nymph called Corycia. The name Sarantavli means “forty rooms.” If you enjoy hiking, you can go to Delphi from the port at Kirra and continue to the cave. Walking these centuries-old paths will take you back in time. This particular hike is about 20 km long. The cave consists of two chambers and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Monastery of Osios Loukas

Located 30 km from Arachova, the Monastery of Osios Loukas is a Byzantine monument. The monastery was built during the 10th century. The complex of the monastery includes the Church of Theotokos, which is the only church that is known to have been built during the 10th century in Greece. The church also follows the Byzantine architecture. The walls were built of stone, marble, and bricks.

The walls feature interesting designs that are thought to resemble cursive Arabic script. The exterior wall has an image of Joshua dressed in armor. It is thought that the Monastery of Osios Loukas gained its wealth from the pilgrims that came to pay homage to the tomb of Saint Lucas, which they believed worked miracles. In the church of the monastery you can view relics, gold and silver plates, frescoes, and mosaics.

Ski Resorts of Arachova

Lovers of snow and skiing are going to love spending time at the ski centers. As one of the highest towns in Greece, Arachova has this unique attraction to visit. The winding country roads leading up the town and the ski resorts are picturesque. Mount Parnassus is home to a few ski centers, where you will have amazing views any time of year. During the summer, you can see the mountains covered in fir. During the winter, they are covered with snow. You will have your choice of ski slopes as there is something for every skill level. You can rent equipment and take lessons. This is a wonderful family adventure if you’re traveling with your children.

Parnassos National Park

Close to Delphi and Arachova is the National Park of Mount Parnassos. The park was established in 1938 and covers an amazing 36 million square meters. It is the second largest national park in Greece. The park consists of Mediterranean vegetation that includes oregano, arbutus, and water-thyme. At the foot of the mountain you will find a plethora of olive groves, especially around the area of the river valley. The National Park of Parnassos is home to a number of birds including woodpeckers, thrushes, and robins. There are two paths inside the park that you can choose from. Both routes connect to the E4 hiking trail.

Arachova, Greece has much beauty and history to offer in its attractions.

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