Attractions to Explore in Koufonisia, Greece

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Koufonisia, Greece is made of two islands in the small Cyclades. Ano Koufonisia and Kato Koufonisia. Koufonisia is considered a paradise with its whitewashed houses and traditional Cycladic architecture. Home to the most beautiful waters of varying shades of blue, you will find yourself drawn to the coastline. Koufonisia is waiting to be explored. Here are a few of the attractions you can expect when in Koufonisia, Greece.

Folklore Museum of Koufonisia

The Folklore Museum of Koufonisia was established in 2011. The museum is located next to the Cathedral of Agios Georgios of Ano Koufonisia. Items at the museum were donated by the residents of the island. The museum is important for telling the stories and sharing the memories of Koufonisia. Items on exhibit that the Folklore Museum of Koufonisia include: old picture frames, utensils, farmer’s tools, fisherman’s equipment, ship carpenter’s tools, and more. Visiting the museum will give you a look at the traditional and cultural heritage of the island.

Archaeological Site of Keros

The Archaeological Sites of Keros is not an organized site, but you can visit and explore the area. You will see the remnants of a Cycladic cemetery including fragments of marble statuettes. The site became well-known during in the 1960s. It was discovered that the site had been looted and that specific area would be the first to be excavated. Since investigations began, three major international projects have occurred at the Archaeological Site. The most impressive and important finds include the figurine symbols of Piper and Harpist and the life-sized Statuette of Megali Mitera (Great Mother). These items are on display at the Museum of Cycladic Art of Athens.

Churches of Koufonisia

The island of Koufonisia was home to at least nine churches, but only three have survived until today. The Cathedral of Agios Georgios is located in Chora of Ano Koufonisia. It is a lovely church with a blue dome and tall bell tower. The Cathedral of Agios Georgios is the patron saint of the island of Koufonisia. The Church of Agios Nikolaos is a white and blue church that is found next to the cemetery of Ano Koufonisia. The Chapel of Panagia is on Kato Koufonisia. This chapel is built on the remains of an ancient temple. You can also visit the Byzantine Church of the Prophet Elijah. It is located on a hill at the center of the island. Though only a small section remains, it is still an interesting site to see.

Shipyard of Ano Koufonisia

At the Karnayo (Shipyard) of Ano Koufonisia you can see where and how vessels were made with simple tools back in the day. The shipyard is located in Loutro area. Here you will also find an impressively largest fleet of fishing boats. While in Loutro, you can stroll the main streets that lead you to the harbor. There you will find a number of seaside taverns to enjoy a delicious meal or drink.

Koufonisia, Greece is a great place to visit. You should try at least one of these activities while here!

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