Attractions to Explore in Leros, Greece

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Leros, Greece is an island that embraces its history with tradition and architecture. The history, along with the natural beauty of the island, make Leros a wonderous place to visit. The landscape of the island includes valleys, bays, mountains, many hills, and small islands and islets that surround Leros.

When visiting this Greek island, any expectations you had of what it has to offer will be surpassed. Here are some of the attractions you should explore when in Leros, Greece.

Bellini Tower

Visiting the Bellini tower is like seeing two attractions in just one trip. The Bellini Tower was built in 1927 by Parisis Belenus, a Greek benefactor from Leros. The tower is a combination of Italian, Roman, and Gothic influences. The Bellini Tower is a fascinating piece of architecture to admire. The building is made of stone and is two and three stories. The Tower of Bellini overlooks the Alinda promenade.

Housed inside the tower is the Historical and Folklore Museum of Leros. At the museum you will see how traditional life on the island of Leros was back in the day. There is a collection of furniture, musical instruments, embroidery, and items from World War II. There is also a print museum on site that features old press machines and printed material from the 15th – 19th centuries.

Tunnel War Museum of Leros

The Tunnel War Museum is a unique attraction to visit. The museum is located in an old military tunnel in Merikia. The tunnel has been restored to create the museum with as much care and respect as possible. Many of the exhibits on display at the Tunnel War Museum were found around the island and retrieved from the sea. Other items, such as photographs, maps, and other materials were donated by individuals including some who served in the Greek army. Located near the Tunnel War Museum is a military museum park, which showcases airplanes, trucks, army vehicles, and other armaments.

Ancient Paleokastro

The Ancient Paleokastro, also known as the Castle of Lepidos, is the oldest castle on the island of Leros. The castle is located on the remains of an ancient acropolis that dates back to 2500 BC above the village of Xirokambos. The Ancient Paleokastro features remnants of Cyclopean walls from the Hellenistic period as well as traces of a series of houses that once existed at the site. During the Christian period, there was a basilica on the hilltop, which has been replaced by a whitewashed chapel that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis is located neat Partheni Village. Ancient writers of Greece wrote that residents of the island of Leros used to worship the goddess of Artemis on the northern coasts. In 1855, historian Rizos Ragavis wrote of a deserted church on an ancient temple that was undoubtedly that of Artemis. There is archaeological evidence that supports that there was in fact a place of worship of Artemis at the south side of Partheni.

While visiting the Greek island of Leros, you will want to spend some time at these top attractions!

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