Prominent Beaches and Attractions in Epidaurus, Greece

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Epidaurus, Greece is a well-known archaeological site. The monuments in the area are of great importance both historically and culturally. Epidaurus is also rich in natural beauty. The mountains covered in evergreen forests and the breathtaking blue of the sea. The village of Epidaurus is a tourist resort town.

When visiting Epidaurus, Greece, you will have the pleasure of having a number of attractions and beaches to explore.

Castle of Nea Epidaurus

Located at the highest point of the village of Nea Epidaurus sits a castle that was built in the 13th century. While the only ruins remaining are some towers, there is also the church of Agios Ioannis on site. The castle was constructed to protect the area from invasions from pirates. Thanks to its location on the hill, the Castle of Nea Epidaurus offers a wonderful panoramic view of Epidaurus.

Gialasi Beach

Located in the southern area of the village of Palea Epidaurus, is the lovely pebbled beach of Gialasi, also known as Palia Epidaurus Beach. Gialasi Beach is one of the most popular in Epidaurus. The beach is organized, family friendly, and home to a number of taverns and beach bars. The beach offers water sports, umbrellas, and sun beds. The beach stretches for one kilometer and is surrounded by a lovely landscape including green pine trees. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, swimming in the gorgeous blue waters, or indulging in water sports, you’ll enjoy your time at Gialasi Beach in Epidaurus.

Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus

The Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus is one of the oldest arch museums in all Greece. Established in 1902, the museum is located in the archaeological site of Epidaurus. Exhibitions include the side section of the Propylaea of the Asclepius Temple, a statue of Asclepius, bronze medical equipment, and a headless female statue. Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman periods are showcased at the Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus.

Kalamaki Beach

This sandy beach with pebbles is located on the bay of Palea Epidaurus Village. The emerald water and secluded location make Kalamaki Beach the ideal place for anyone who wants to relax in a tranquil environment. There is a dive center a short distance from the beach, which is a great place to visit if you’re interested in water sports. It’s worth noting that the Kalamaki Beach Resort is ideal for families with children. If you’re looking for a family friendly place to stay in the area, it’s a good one to consider. There is a pool overlooking the sea and a beautiful lawn space for playing and running around.

Gorge of Vothylas

Located near the village of Nea Epidaurus is the beautiful Gorge of Vothylas. If you enjoy hiking, this is one place you must visit when in Epidaurus, Greece. Surrounded by lush greenery, you will be able to explore nature at your own pace. When you reach the top of the gorge, you will be treated to a more rocky landscape and panoramic views of the Argolis countryside.

Visiting Epidaurus, Greece is an experience filled with history, beauty, and adventure.

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