Best Beaches in Paleokastritsa, Corfu

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Paleokastritsa is no different. During peak season, the town can get busy – but this somehow doesn’t take away from its romantic charm. If you are headed to Paleokastritsa, you certainly won’t want to miss the beaches! Here’s a look at the area’s best choices:

Agios Spyridon

One thing that sets Agios Spyridon Beach apart from other beaches in Greece is that it is completely made up of sand, whereas a lot of other beaches have small, smooth pebbles on their banks instead of sand. This is also considered to be one of the most popular beaches in the area because in addition to it being sandy, it’s also gorgeous and family-friendly. It’s also easily accessible by car, taxi, and other forms of transportation and there is a huge parking lot that can accommodate a lot of vehicles. Guests of the beach can also spend their time not only bathing in the sun, but by eating at one of the beachside restaurants or enjoying a cocktail or two.

Agia Triada

Although there is some sand here, it doesn’t make up more than half of the beach. Despite that, it is a convenient beach with a healthy strip of sand that is the most easily accessible to Paleokastritsa. If you want a convenient place to lay out in the sun for a few hours before doing other things, this beach is idea. It’s also very scenic and is surrounded by greenery.

Ampelaki Beach

Are you looking for a great beach to spend a few hours, but that doesn’t get as busy as some of the more popular beaches? Since about 70% of Ampelaki Beach is covered with sand, this helps control the crowds somewhat. The rest of the beach is made up of those small, smooth pebbles that are found in other beaches throughout Greece. However, the fact that the beach is nestled between rocks makes it a pleasant escape that’s certainly worth visiting!


If you prefer sandy beaches, you might want to avoid this one, as most of it is covered with pebbles. However, if you would rather spend time lounging in a sun bed on a beach that has ample shade and is fairly quiet, Platakia Beach is the place for you! Because some of the other area beaches are made up of sand, many people pass this one by, which means that the crowds are kept to a minimum even during peak season.


Despite the fact that 100% of this beach is covered in rocks, this is one of the most famous oceanside spots to visit in Paleokastritsa! It is ideal for those who have an adventurous side since it takes a bit to descent the steps to get to the ocean. People flock here for a unique swimming experience and to jump off the rocks.

These Paleokastritsa beaches are certainly worth a visit!

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