Beaches to Visit in Sithonia, Greece

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Sithonia, Greece is the ideal destination for nature lovers. The blue of the water and the green of the forests and beautiful countryside will leave you in awe. The beaches are more rocky in Sithonia, but some of the most beautiful and clean beaches you’ll find. Here are some of the beaches you can visit when in Sithonia, Greece.

Orange Beach

Orange Beach in Sithonia, Greece is known by a number of names including Portokali and Kavourotripes. Kavourotripes means “crab holes,” which accurately describes Orange Beach. The beach is 5 km long and consists of many coves, white sand, and turquoise water.

The beauty of this beach must be seen with your own eyes. The central cove is organized with sun beds and umbrellas and is small but popular, so you may find it crowded. The water won’t be as crowded as the shoal extends for 30 meters. The other coves at Orange Beach are not organized so if you choose to spend time at one of them, you’ll want to bring your own supplies.

Toroni Beach

Torini Beach is at the southernmost part of Sithonia, 78 km southeast of Poligiros, the capital of Halkidiki. Toroni Beach is 3.5 km long with sand, beautiful blue waters, and surrounding greenery. The countryside is rich in olive groves and pine trees. Water sports including snorkeling are available at Toroni Beach. While lounging on the beach, you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and Toroneos Bay. The area around Toroni Village is rich in history, so if you’re up for exploration, there are many Byzantine churches to see.

Sarti Beach

Sarti Beach is on the eastern side of Sithonia. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations not just in Sithonia, but in all of Halkidiki. Sarti Beach features lovely coves and sand that is white and can appear yellow at times. The greatest attraction of Sarti Beach is the wonderful view it offers of Mount Athos, which sits across the bay.

The beach is organized with sun beds, umbrellas, beach sports, and water sports. The water at Sarti Beach is shallow with a sandy bottom, making it an ideal destination for families with children. At the seaside promenade you will find many bars and restaurants to enjoy a refreshing drink or delicious meal.

Kriaritsi Beach

Kriaritsi is a sandy beach located near Paralia Sykia and Kalamitsi in Sithonia. Kriaritsi Beach is made up of one beach and a few small coves that are separated by rocks. Camping is available at the beach. The smaller southern side of the beach is frequented by nudists. Water sports including snorkeling, windsurfing, and kiteboarding are available at the beach. The water at this beach is deep and can have some good waves, but also has moments of calm. You will also have access to sun beds, umbrellas, and food at Kriaritsi Beach. There are beach bars as well as a taverna can be found nearby.

Greece is known for its natural beauty, and Sithonia is no exception. Spend time at these beaches during your visit to soak up the sun!

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