Visit the Bee Museum in Rhodes

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Rhodes, Greece is one of the most important islands of the Dodecanese. Whatever you are looking for in a travel destination, you’ll find it in Rhodes. One attraction you won’t want to miss while there, is the Bee Museum. Here’s what you should know about the Bee Museum.

About the Bee Museum in Rhodes

The Bee Museum in Rhodes is a one-of-a-kind museum that showcases the history of beekeeping throughout the Greek islands, including Rhodes. The Bee Museum in Rhodes acts as a window into the tradition and history of beekeeping, including the four types of beehives that exist and the methods by which honey is obtained. Transparent beehives give you a unique view into the observation of hives.

Humans have cultivated bees since ancient times. Nectar was the food of the immortal Olympian Gods. Zeus was brought up with honey by the Bee nymph. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended honey for the treatment of many diseases. Aristotle also believed that honey contributes to a prolonged life.

Visit the Bee Museum in Rhodes, Greece

The Bee Museum in Rhodes consists of different sections. Here’s a look at what each section of the museum contains:

First Section

The first section is dedicated to the history of apiculture (beekeeping). Here you will learn about beekeeping in ancient times and beekeeping specific to Rhodes Island. You can learn about the stone apiary, which is an important milestone in beekeeping evolution.

Second Section

The second section of the Bee Museum is dedicated to beekeeping tools and products. Here you will learn about the various phases of honeycomb construction from the frame to the cells filled with honey. You will also discover the tools used in apiculture, which includes the honey extractor. Bee products are also an important part of this exhibit. You will learn not only about honey, but about venom as well.

Third Section

The third section of the Bee Museum in Rhodes showcases honey and the process of pollination. Here you will learn why pollination is so important to humans and the different types of honey and their nutritional value. Also learn why honey from Rhodes is one of the best in the world.

Final Section

The final section of the Bee Museum will teach you about the biology of bees. Learn about their metamorphosis, caste system, jobs, and the different types of bees.

The Bee Museum is also home to a bee garden. When you visit the museum you will find activities and interactive tools for children to help them learn about the world and importance of bees.

When you’re done touring the Bee Museum, you can visit the museum’s shop and buy wonderful honey products. At the gift shop you can also sample honey wine, honey rum, sweets, and the different types of honey.

Once on the island of Rhodes, you can get to the Bee Museum by taxi or by bus that goes from Rhodes to Pastida and then walk 800 meters. There is another bus that goes from Rhodes to Kemasti where you can catch a taxi to the museum.

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