Best Places to Enjoy History on Rhodes

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Rhodes is the largest Greek island of the Dodecanese group, and there are plenty of things for people to do while here. You can spend time at the beach, visit a museum, go shopping, and eat the delicious cuisine. However, it is also a great destination for history buffs. Here are some historical spots that you should see when visiting Rhodes:

Palace of the Grand Master

The Palace of the Grand Master is located in the Old Town of Rhodes. It is at the end of the Street of the Knights, but you cannot miss this impressive structure. Constructed during the 14th century, the Palace of the Grand Master was built to honor Helios, the Temple of Sun God. The palace features an arched gate, spherical towers, and mosaics.

The Palace of the Grand Master became a museum after Greece took over control of the site. Today, you can tour 24 rooms where you will see furniture from the 16th and 17th centuries. There are also art collections, beautiful frescoes, and marble statues.

Ancient Kamiros

Located on the northwest coast of Rhodes, 50 km from Rhodes Town, is Ancient Kamiros. Ancient Kamiros was founded by the Dorians and later inhabited by Achaeans. During the 5th century BC, Kamiros, Lindos, and Ialyssos formed a powerful city-state of Rhodes. Ancient Kamiros was damaged by two earthquakes, one in 226 BC and the other in 142 BC. You don’t need a guide to explore Ancient Kamiros, but if you have one, you will get additional information from a knowledgeable expert about this advanced civilization that was active 3,000 years ago.

Monolithos Palace

Monolithos Palace is located approximately 70 km from Rhodes Town in a small village called Monolithos. You can get to the palace by car or organized tour. There is a bus the runs between Rhodes Town and Monolithos, but it is not frequent. To reach the castle, you will climb a hill to the ruins. While there isn’t much left of Monolithos Palace to be seen, the outer walls are still intact, as well as a chapel. Needless to say the view from the site is well worth the trip to Monolithos Palace.

Filerimos Monastery

Filerimos Monastery was originally built during the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John. The Monastery was destroyed by the Turks and then restored during the 1920s. The monastery isn’t of Greek style architecture, but Gothic, which was popular at the time of its construction. Filerimos Monastery is surrounded by ancient ruins and cypress trees, making it a charming place to stroll and explore. You are allowed into certain areas of the church, specifically where you can worship and light a candle. There is also a gift shop and snack bar on site.

Acropolis of Lindos

The Acropolis of Lindos is located above the town of Lindos. To get to the site, you will climb steps, but it is well worth it. At the top you will be treated to a spectacular view of the sea and surrounding area. Spend time walking through the Acropolis and taking in the ancient ruins. There are many information boards that explain the history of the Acropolis.

You won’t want to miss the chance to visit these historical sites while in Rhodes, Greece.

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