Spend Time at Filerimos Monastery on Rhodes

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The island of Rhodes is a Greek paradise that has recently become a popular destination for tourists.  It is also rich in history and filled with stunning natural beauty. There are plenty of other sites to see on the island, too, such as Filerimos Monastery is one that will stick with you over the years. It is a fairly popular attraction that you will definitely enjoy visiting. Here’s more information:

Getting to Filerimos Monastery

Before you can visit the monastery you need to first make your way to the island of Rhodes. This is fairly simple because of how popular it is. You have two basic choices – taking a flight into the regional airport on the island or arriving by ferry. The airport is located about 10 miles from the monastery in a town called Paradisi.

The monastery itself is located near the lively village called Ialyssos. Besides visiting the monastery, you should take the time to explore the village. You can easily get here by public transportation or car. The monastery can be accessed by car or by bus. It is about an eight mile trip from the village to the monastery, but the village is the most common access point.

About Filerimos Monastery

Filerimos Monastery was first built in the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the monastery is well known for once housing the famous religious icon, the Virgin of Filerimos. It was taken away many centuries ago and now lives in the National Museum of Monetnegro.

Destroyed by the Turks, the monastery was restored in the 1920s and is now celebrated as a significant archaeological site. The Filermios is not your average Greek monastery. In fact, the architecture is not Greek at all. It was built in the style of Gothic architecture that was popular at the time. Many local weddings are held here because of it’s sacred character and breathtaking view of the town.

What to Do at Filerimos Monastery

Most people enjoy strolling the quiet monastery grounds. Thick patches of ancient cypress trees and spectacular hilltop views of the city make it a popular destination. On a clear day, you can see the coast of Turkey across the Aegean Sea. Peacocks can also be found roaming the ancient grounds.

The monastery is surrounded by ancient ruins and has many stories to tell. This a great spot for history buffs wanting to learn more about the island of Rhodes. The public is allowed access to parts of the church where you can worship and light a candle in prayer. A snack bar is also onsite where you can grab a cold frappe or browse for souvenirs in the gift shop.

A short trail runs from the monastery that leads to the Golgothas (a higher part of the hill). You will find stone relief altars telling the Passion of Christ along the way. At the top, a giant cross stands facing the sea. From this point of view, you can see for miles and miles. Definitely worth hiking up if you have the energy.

While on the island of Rhodes, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit this monastery!

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