Go Hiking in Syvota, Greece

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Greece is well-known and loved worldwide for its striking islands, full of beautiful sights and exciting adventures to be had. While many tourists may opt for a visit to the popular Mykonos or Zakynthos, it’s the hidden gems that hold some of the country’s best sights. Syvota remains one of those hidden gems, but perhaps not for long.

Full of rich history, culture and unbelievable views, Syvota is a great place to visit. One of the best ways to see the sites here is by hiking. Here’s more information:

About Syvota, Greece

Syvota’s earliest settlers were Thesprotians from the Classical antiquity period. Since then, Syvota has seen many different inhabitants and leaders, eventually becoming a Greece territory in 1913. These days, Syvota acts as a small fishing village and resort of pristine beaches, luscious green surrounding islands and stunning coastal walks. The village itself is full of colorful houses and shops, both picturesque and convenient for locals and visitors alike.

Go Hiking in Syvota, Greece

Many visitors to Syvota enjoy going on a hike to take in the incredible views. Hiking trails range from easy to more difficult, with the longest clocking in at ten miles. One popular trek includes a hike that starts from the Southside of the region and ends in the village of Polineri. During this hike, individuals can see the deserted settlement of Vrachona and the amazing views of Polineri, in which hikers can get a overseeing view of the many islands in the area.

Those preferring coastal walks will enjoy taking a stroll along Syvota’s many surrounding islands. Highlights include DEI Beach, Bella Vraka Beach and Mega Drafi Beach. Though the beaches are relatively small, there are so many breathtaking sights to behold that even a short walk will be filled with wonders. Additionally, many of these beaches are accessible only via a short walk through water, a swim or a boat ride, making for even more adventures! Even better, beaches have bars and cafes ready to serve up tasty Greek drinks and snacks.

Getting to Syvota, Greece

There are several ways to get to Syvota. From Athens, one can choose to take a 9-hour bus ride, with one transfer in Igoumenitsa. Those with cars can opt to drive there, a 5 hour via the A5. Individuals who’d prefer to fly can fly from Athens to either Ioannina or Corfu. If arriving in Ioannina, it will be necessary to take a bus ride with a transfer in Igoumenitsa. If opting for Corfu, there is a ferry available to Syvota with a dock in Igoumenitsa that will require one more bus trip. With plenty of options to get to the lovely region, Syvota acts as one of the more accessible areas of the country.

Syvota, Greece has the sights, experiences, and adventures that any person could want from a trip to the country. Here, international visitors and natives alike can enjoy hikes, beach strolls, refreshing swims and some delicious Greek food and drinks. There is something for everyone here at this hidden gem.

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