Best Romantic Things to Do in Zakynthos, Greece

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There are plenty of places throughout Greece that are great for couples, but the island of Zakynthos is one of the best. This island has a lot of coastline, and it is also a place that is stunningly beautiful, making it the perfect backdrop for romance. While here, you can easily find plenty of ways to enjoy the time you’re spending with your significant other. Here’s a look at some of the best places to visit for romance on Zakynthos:

Shipwreck Beach (Navagio Beach)

Nothing says romance better than a secluded beach! There is an air of mystery at this beach that really adds to the sense of adventure. Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck beach, is a great place to visit and a must-see while in Zakynthos. The beach is characterized by its azure waters, the limestone cliffs that jut up against the coastline, and the shipwrecked boat that you can tour. The beach can only be reached by boat, so plan your trip accordingly. For a view that you will never forget, be sure to take the time to walk to the viewing platforms at the top of the cliffs that tower over the water.

Marathonisi Islet

The islet of Marathonisi is located in Laganas Bay and can be reached by boat from Keri Beach, and is also another place that is great for couples. Two primary beaches on the islet each offer a different experience. One beach is distinguished by its soft white sand while the other beach is littered with pebbles. On the sandy beach, you may even find the endangered Caretta Caretta sea turtles that frequent the area to lay their eggs. Because it is a breeding ground, the area is protected as part of the Zakynthos Marine Park. This protective status means that visitors are only allowed to stay within the closest five meters of the sandy shore so that they do not disrupt the breeding grounds of the turtles.

Blue Caves

On the West Coast of Zakynthos, you will find the unique Blue Caves. The blue caves can only be reached by water, however, it is not hard to find boats for rent so that you can get up close and personal with these natural wonders. It is easy to get caught up in the beauty of these caves when you are watching how the blue color of the water is reflected on the surfaces of the caves. The best time to view the caves is at either sunrise or sunset. The caves are particularly popular with scuba divers. This is a great place to explore with your loved one!

Askos Stone Park

Askos park is part wildlife sanctuary and zoo, part forest reserve, and part agricultural research ground. It is also great for couples who love nature and wildlife! Askos Stone Park is an exceptional travel destination for children and nature lovers. Along the way, you can expect to see hawks, grand peacocks, horses, goats, cows, turtles, and more. Tour guides are available to answer questions and to help you to feed the animals. You can also pick olives from the groves of trees that dot the landscape of this pristine park.

Sarakina Italian Mansion

Offering the reputation of the last remaining house of Italian architecture, Sarakina Italian Mansion is believed to have been built in the early 19th century. The house is positioned at the top of a hill nestled into a densely forested area. This location only adds to its magic and beauty. Couples can gaze at the ruins of this historic mansion while imagining what life was like during this period of world history. Plans for a comprehensive restoration project will make this site even more enjoyable and educational to visit in the years to come.

Zakynthos is a perfect island for couples to visit! You will surely fall in love with the beauty and the laid-back vibe of this popular Greek island destination.

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