Take a Boat Trip at Anafi Island

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If you’re looking for a way to get away and relax, the island of Anifa is the perfect destination. Anafi island is a beautiful Greek Island in the Aegean Sea off the southern tip of Greece. Thousands of tourists visit every year by boat to relax, explore and camp.

About Anafi Island

Anafi Island is known for its natural beauty and traditional culture. Although it is not as popular as the neighboring island of Santorini, its hidden qualities make it perfect for those who like to explore. Anafi island features unique volcanic landscapes, natural sandy beaches and enticing scenery untouched by masses of tourists. Popular activities include camping, beaching, hiking and swimming.

Anafi is lightly populated, with its primary village of Chora numbering only 270 people. The island also features an ancient castle and local shopping. The best way to visit the island is by boat.

Take a Tour

Because of its close proximity to Santorini, many tourists to the island of Anafi prefer to take a boat tour. Located only 16 miles to the east of Santorini island, Anafi is the perfect destination for a day-trip by boat. From Santorini, you can rent a boat tour to go for a ride and tour the island. These tours are guided and may even provide snacks and beverages for a care-free day of fun. During the tour, you can explore the sandy beaches, visit restaurants to sample local cuisine and experience culture in the main village of Anafi, Chora.

If you prefer to have more time to visit the island, you can also spend several days on the island and take a boat tour during your stay. Staying in Anafi allows you to spend a few days exploring its culture and beaches, while taking the tour gives you a closer look at what Anafi has to offer. These guided tours can bring you to the best of Anafi’s beaches and lead you to the best of Anafi’s food.

Rent a Boat

For those who wish to escape the crowds and see the island on their own, boats are available for rental on the island. If you don’t mind exploring on your own, a private boat allows you to see the island on your own time. As long as you have a license, you are able to rent a variety of different vessels to see the island privately.

Speedboats and sailboats are available to view the island for a full or half day. However, if you’re looking to rent a boat and explore the island for a few days, you can rent a sailboat or luxury yacht.

As you travel and explore the island, you’ll want to explore different sandy beaches and investigate the local culture and cuisine. Although renting a boat offers the privacy of being alone, it’s also important to understand the local scenery to know the best use of your time.

Take a Ferry

If you want to explore the island by foot, you can also take a ferry to reach the island of Anafi. Ferries typically travel from Athens, Lavrio and other ports. Taking a ferry to the island gives you the flexibility to stay for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks.

The beautiful island of Anafi, Greece is a must-see destination for those who enjoy nature and authentic culture. Those who wish to visit the island should explore the island by boat. You can take a private guided tour of the island or rent a boat for a more private experience.

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