Where to Go in Santorini to Experience History

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Santorini is one of those islands that have been enchanting people for thousands of years. It has a somewhat violent past since much of the island was destroyed in a well known volcanic eruption that blew apart most of the island, causing it to sink into the ocean. There are many that believe that this part of the island could even be the fabled kingdom of Atlantis!

As a result, Santorini is an excellent island to learn about some of Greece’s history. Since there have been inhabitants here for thousands of years, there’s plenty to see.

Here’s more information about some of the best historical sites on the Greek island of Santorini:

Ancient Byzantine Castle

Not all of Santorini’s history dates back to ancient times. The island has played an important part in the history of Greece, and there are other places to go to experience this. One thing you’ll want to do is explore the ruins of the old Byzantine Castle. Although much of the castle was destroyed, there’s still enough here to give you a feel for what it looked like. It’s a bit of a climb to get here, but you the views are worth it. You might want to time your visit for sunset.

Volcano and Hot Springs

Also referred to as Nea Kameni, this volcano is definitely worth seeing. Although it is more of a geological site than an historical one, the volcano and the eruption itself did impact the history of the island. The Santorini Volcano is responsible for a cataclysmic event known as the Santorini Eruption, which decimated a part of the island as well as the surrounding area. Today, you can head to the volcano by boat to explore the area and bathe in the hot springs.

Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Akrotiri is most known for being a settlement on the island of Santorini that dates to the Bronze Age. This area was completely destroyed during the volcanic eruption that occurred around 1627 BC. Today, it is now an archaeological site and some of the ruins from Akrotiri have been uncovered. If you love history, it is worth it to see what this area has to offer. To get the most out of it, you should consider taking a guided tour. The volcanic ash kept parts of the settlement relatively intact, including the frescoes.

Museum of Prehistoric Thera

If you’re interested in some of the ancient history of the island, you don’t want to miss the chance to visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. Much of what was uncovered at the Akotiri site is being housed at this museum, which is located in Fira. Not only that, but this museum has a lot of information about Akrotiri and if that settlement interests you, you might want to start learning about it here at the museum.

Santorini is an island that has drawn people in for thousands of years. It is a charming island that enchants people of all ages. It is especially good for history lovers, who find that there is more than enough to see and do here to satisfy them.

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