Visit the Museum of Greek Children’s Art in Athens, Greece

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While in Greece, there are many cultural things to do in cities like Athens. Most of these activities are kid friendly, but the Museum of Greek Children’s Art is especially suited to your little ones. Although its aim is to promote art created by children, other kids love seeing what their peers have produced for art. Here’s more information about it:

About the Museum of Greek Children’s Art

Located in Athens, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art is one of few in the world that showcases the drawings and three-dimensional artwork of children exclusively. The Museum of Greek Children’s Art was founded in 1994 with the aim of promoting and studying artwork created by children. Those who study the artwork include parents, artists, teachers, scientists, researchers, and adults in general who are interested in children’s artwork. Artwork exhibited at the museum has been created by children aged 5 – 14.

The aim of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art is to not only encourage and promote children’s artwork and how unique they are, but also to exchange exhibits with other institutions throughout Greece and worldwide that are also interested in children’s artwork. Each year, the collections at the Museum of Greek Children’s Art are enriched with new pieces. Every other year, the museum uses the artwork it has collected to create a new theme.

Visit the Museum of Greek Children’s Art in Athens

A visit to the Museum of Greek Children’s Art in Athens, Greece will expose you to the unique creations of children aged 5 – 14. In addition to the art of Greek children, you can explore winning entries to Nationwide Children’s Art Contests that were held by the museum, drawing that were created by children during the post war period, toys that were made of scrap materials by children in Africa, and attempts at drawing living creatures by the Kalash children.

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art has interactive corners that have been designed by the Educational Department of the Museum with the intention of offering a playful way to become acquainted with the art that is on display. These interactive corners have bilingual activities for both children and adults.

At the museum gift shop, you can buy a variety of items including postcards with children’s artwork, which make a lovely item to send back home to friends and family as you enjoy Greece.

Getting to the Museum of Greek Children’s Art

Athens is one of the most popular destinations in Greece and it’s one of the most convenient to get to. If you’re coming from a different country, the easiest way to get to Athens is by plane. You can also get to Athens by cruise, train, bus, taxi, or rental car. Once in Athens you can get around in a number of ways including: the metro, which is the quickest way to get from attraction to attraction; bus/trolley; tram; taxi; rental car; or on foot.

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art is located at 9 Kodrou Street in Athens. If taking the metro, the closest stations to the museum are: Syndagma, Monastiraki, and Akropolis.

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