Best Clubs in Fira on the Island of Santorini

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Santorini is one of the most popular places to visit in all of Greece. The scenery here is truly unique since the island is actually a dormant volcano and most of the villages are located on the top. As a result, there are many places on the island that afford stunning views of the sea and the caldera. However, there is more to do here than just observe its beauty. There is a great nightlife scene here, particularly in Fira, the island’s capital city. Here’s a look at the best clubs to visit in Fira:


Enigma is one of the most popular nightclubs in all of Greece, not just on Santorini. This club is open all year long but during peak season, it’s particularly busy and often standing room only. Like most Greek clubs, the fun runs well into the morning and you can easily loses yourself listening to the great music, dancing, and interacting with fellow travels and also some of the island’s locals. This is the best places to dance the night away. The club also has a regular schedule of events to enjoy.


Are you spending some time walking on the trail in Fira that hugs the cliff that ultimately leads to Oia? If so, you might want to schedule in enough time to also visit Koo, one of the more popular clubs on Santorini. Even if you decide not to walk on the trail, you should still spend some time at the nightclub since the experience is so unique. This club not only boasts some incredible views, but there is also a large portion of the club that is located outdoors. This is a club especially known for dancing and there are two floors, one in the outdoor section and one indoors. Both dance floors are spacious but they are often completely packed, depending on the time of year.

Town Club

If you’re not in the mood for a large club, you might want to head to the Town Club instead. It is much smaller than Koo and Enigma and also doesn’t seem to attract the volume of people that the other two clubs do. This is also a club that focuses on drinking and not necessarily dancing. It has a tendency to attract a younger crowd of mostly travelers, but some locals do make their way here. They close late, so those who want to spend the night drinking usually head here instead of some of the other dance clubs.

It is true that Santorini is a popular island that attracts visitors from all over the world. They come here in search of gorgeous beaches, beautiful scenery, and a glimpse at all the good things that Greece has to offer. In places like Fira, visitors and locals alike can also enjoy the nightlife scene. Each of these clubs and bars offers a unique experience and it will be hard to choose just one!

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