Day Trips to Take From the Island of Lipsi Greece

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die grosse Kirche auf der Insel Lipsi in der AegaeisLipsi is one of those small Greek islands that offers an ideal place to escape. At only eight kilometers in length, visiting here offers guests the chance to relax and unwind from the stresses of every day life. Despite it’s size, there are plenty of things to do while here, including hiking through the hills, walking the streets in the villages, eating a great meal, and spending some time at the beach. However, since it is also close to some other nearby islands in the Dodecanese island group, there are also some opportunities for day trips that can be taken by boat.

Here are some options for local day trips when you are at Lipsi Greece:

Take an Island Cruise

Once you’re finished exploring the island by land, it is a good idea to explore it by sea, as well! There are plenty of boat tours offered on a daily basis, especially during peak tourist season. Most tours not only take you around the perimeter of Lipsi itself, but they also give you a tour of some of the nearby islets, including Makronisi, Aspronisi, Tiganakia, Marathi, and Arki. Each of these gorgeous islets have their own unique geography and viewing it from the water gives the ideal vantage point. The Rena Five Island Cruise is one of the more popular choices that visitors to the island enjoy.

Spend Time on an Unspoiled Beach

Another thing that makes some of the islets that are located off the coast of Lipsi unique is that they have some unspoiled beaches to enjoy. For instance, Aspronisi, the “white island” has a scenic beach that you can easily spend the day at. Tiganakia is also known for its warm waters, which makes it ideal for swimming. If you know that if you want to spend much of your day trip either lounging on a remote beach or swimming in the water, you should find a boat tour that will allow you to do that. However, if lounging on a sandy beach is your preference, you’ll want to spend your time on Aspronisi since Tiganakia is mainly known for its swimming.

Visit a Nearby Island

Besides visiting some of the islets, other nearby islands in the Dodecanese also make for great daytrips. This is due to the fact that Lipsi is a stop on most of the ferry routes through the area. Nearby Patmos Island is also a worthwhile day trip from Lipsi. This is not only where the Monastery of Saint John is located, but Patmos also has some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. If you’re staying at Lipsi for an extended period of time, you could easily return to Patmos more than once and never run out of things to do. The island of Samos, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the area, is also a potential day trip. Spend some time on Samos shopping and visiting some of its beaches.

The pace of life here is much slower than some of the larger islands – but that is surely part of its appeal. If you do want to take a break from what the Greek island of Lipsi has to offer, consider booking one of these great day trips!

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