Food and Drink of Sikinos, Greece

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Sikinos, Greece is one of the least populated Greek islands making it the ideal destination for anyone who craves an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busier locations. Sikinos is home to flavors that you will want to experience and the beauty of the island and surrounding areas only adds to the experience. Here are some food and drink that you will want to indulge in while visiting the island of Sikinos.

Try the Local Products of Sikinos

A few of the top products of Sikinos, Greece include figs, olives, and honey. Collecting and preserving honey is a valuable skill many of the islanders have. Pasteli is a sweet that is made of sesame seeds and baked in honey. The honey of Sikinos is known for its strong aroma and sweet taste.

Many of the locals of Sikinos make their living fishing, so you won’t want to leave without trying some of the fresh seafood dishes of the island.

The island of Sikinos produces a type of olive that is smaller than the typical olive, but makes a tasty oil that you can either try while eating in one of the restaurants or you may want to take some back home to remind you of your trip.

Wine and other Drinks of Sikinos

The ancient name of Sikinos was “Oinoi,” which means wine in Greek. Tourists who visit the island love to experience the unique and refreshing flavors of the local wines. The SIKINOS White wine is made from Monemvasia, Asyrtiko, and Aidani. It is a bright golden-yellow colored wine with a fruity taste. The SIKINOS red wine is a beautiful purple color made from Limnio and Mavrotragano.

Any wine lover will enjoy a visit to a winery on Sikinos Island. There, you can sample the wine collections while enjoying a breathtaking view. If the winery also has a restuarant, you can take advantage of both the delicious food and wine the island has to offer. Raki is another local drink of Sikinos, Greece. Raki is an alcoholic drink that is often served with seafood.

Unique Ways to Experience the Food and Drink of Sikinos

For anyone who enjoys being out on the water, a fishing tour is the perfect choice. You will be taken out on a fishing boat to where the fisherman has cast his nets. You can watch how the fish are pulled from the water before heading to a beach where the crew will clean and cook the fish for you to enjoy!

Some walking and hiking tours in Sikinos conclude at a local winery where you can try the wines of the island. You can check with individual walking and hiking tours to see which include tasting the local food and drinks of Sikinos.

A wine tour at a vineyard and winery on Sikinos is a wonderful date idea, especially if you book a tour when you’ll be able to catch the sunset. Anytime of day you will be treated not only to good wine, but spectacular views as well.

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