Catch A Glimpse Of Turtles Being Born On Kalamaki Beach

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On the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos is where you will find the beach resort town of Kalamaki, one of the most popular travel destinations in all of Greece.

Kalamaki is one of the great locations in Greece to vacation for many reasons. One of the top reasons why tourists frequent Kalamaki during the summertime is to visit Kalamaki Beach. Here at Kalamaki Beach, the crystal clear water is almost as breathtaking as the scenery that surrounds the sea. The beach has a really romantic setting, as the Straw parasols and beds on the sandy beach.shallow water off the coast is perfect for a stroll with your significant other, and also ideal for children to play in the water. It’s a long beach that stretches for miles, providing plenty of room for you and your guests to lay down beach towels, or lounge in a sunbed that you can rent nearby.

There is an area of the beach that gets relatively crowded, but that is only because of its close proximity to the hotel across the street. There are other areas of the beach where the crowds thin out, if you are looking for a little more privacy. It’s also worth noting that the beach is closed during the nighttime, because it is protected due to an endangered species of turtle that lays its eggs on Kalamaki Beach. If you get to the beach early enough in the morning, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the turtle eggs hatching in the sand.

The nightlife in Kalamaki is also top notch. Tourists who make a stop in Kalamaki can’t say that their visit is complete until they have had a drink at Oceanic Chill Out Bar. The owner of Oceanic Chill Out Bar, Kevin, is a marvelous host, making all of his patrons feel right at home, and it doesn’t hurt that he serves the best cocktails in town. With great music and great vibes, it’s no wonder that anybody who has been to Kalamaki before will certainly recommend that you stop by Oceanic Chill Out Bar for a drink or six.

Another bar worth checking out is Red Tail Cocktail Bar. Here, you’ll be just as satisfied with the cocktails, and the atmosphere is very much laid back without overwhelming crowds. Red Tail Cocktail Bar has a relatively quiet atmosphere because it is set back from the main road a little bit, so you really have to be looking for it. But when you do, you certainly will not be disappointed. The final bar recommendation that we’ll make for you is Big Al’s Beach Bar. This bar, fittingly, has a great beach theme setting that instantly makes all of the guests feel welcome and at ease.

If you’re looking to have a good time that doesn’t involve going to a bar, you should swing by Caretta Fun Park Center. It’s an awesome place to bring the kids, and it’s also a great place for you to feel like a kid again yourself! There are plenty of rides, a waterpark with slides, and a ton of games for the kids to play. You can get food and drinks here, and it’s a great opportunity for parents to unwind, while the kids have the time of their lives.

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