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Discover the beautiful city of Kastro in Serifos. If you are looking for a great day trip while in Greece, leading to impressive views and gorgeous architecture, then you must plan a trip to visit Kastro in Serifos. This beautiful destination is located two hours away from Athens by boat or four hours away by ferry.

When you arrive at the port, you will then choose to either walk a number of clearly marked trails to the peak or catch one of the local buses; either of which will ultimately guide you towards the top and magnificent views. You you reach Chora, you will be surrounded by must-see sights from Kastro, located at the very peak of Chora. The fascinating and charming architecture, along with the sweet cobbled pathways on the way up to the top, make the trip well worth it.

About the Kastro in Serifos

Kastro village is situated in the eastern part of Serifos island, It is the highest point in Serifos and the main town Chora pronounced (Hora) is built like an amphitheater and was once used as a pirate lookout. The village consists of two churches located at the very top of Chora; although often described as “a castle,” it is not, or at least not in the word’s traditional meaning. Built in the 15th century during the Venetian rule, the beautiful and tranquil city of Kastro occupies the highest elevation of Pano Charo which is in the neighborhood of Serifos Chora.

What to Do at the Kastro in Serifos

Once you reach Kastro there is an old square with a 19th-century Town Hall. It is one of the best places to have a coffee, a drink, or dinner in the Cyclades. There in Chora, you can also find several cafes and taverns. The views from the peak combined with the charm of the city and the surrounding sea make this place an extraordinary place to capture amazing photo opportunities. One attraction not to miss if you are there for sunrise is to make sure you visit Kavos. The view and the atmosphere are superb.

Getting to the Kastro in Serifos

Serifos sits in the Aegean Sea and is just over a two-hour speedboat ride from Athens, making it one of the easiest islands to get to. Be sure to book your reservation in advance! After arriving at the port, getting to Kastro is about a 45-minute walk from the port or you can catch the local bus for just a few Euros. With many well-posted trails and several beautiful cobbled pathways, you will be guided through picturesque alleys, Greek cafes, and local neighborhoods.

Regardless of how you decide to reach the peak and explore Kastro in Serifos; the sweeping views and charm of this romantic city from the top make it more than worth it. The view of the entire island is magnificent, and the views at sunset of the city, beaches, and sea are indeed stunning.

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