Spend Time at Kremasti Village on Rhodes

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Rhodes is a fascinating Greek island that has been enchanting people for centuries. It has a rich history, but it is also physically beautiful. The beaches here are considered to be some of the best in Greece. There are also plenty of villages and towns that are worth exploring. Kremasti Village is one of those places that sees a healthy stream of visitors year after year. It’s a picturesque, seaside town that does have a few options for visitors. It’s also a great place to sit and observe traditional Greek island life. Here’s more information on visiting here:

Getting to Kremasti Village

Kremasti Village actually sees a good amount of visitors each year thanks to its location. It’s only about 12 kilometers, or about 7.5 miles from Rhodes Town. It’s also in close proximity to the airport. This is an ideal location for those who want to stay in a small village that isn’t too far out of the way from everything. However, before you could spend time at this village, you will need to make your way to Rhodes. You can do that by either taking a flight into the regional airport on the island or taking a ferry into the main port. Both run on a fairly regular schedule, especially during peak tourist season.

About Kremasti Village

If you’re looking for a picturesque and simple village to spend time at on Rhodes, you should consider visiting Kremasti. This is a great place to visit just for the day or to base your entire trip on. It isn’t too far from the airport or Rhodes Town, and many of the island’s main attractions are centralized to this part of the island. Besides that, it is a seaside town and has close proximity to several area beaches, as well as its own beach. Besides being fairly close to the main town on the island, it’s only an hour’s drive or so from Lindos, which is where many of the historical sites on the island are located.

What to Do at Kremasti Village

Besides being close to area attractions, Kremasti Village has a unique charm all its own. There are some restaurants, cafes, and shops here to explore as well as several options for lodging. There is also a beach in town that has plenty of space for visitors. However, the beach is made up of smooth pebbles, which means that you will need to make sure you wear shoes while walking. There are also some Medieval ruins here that are worth exploring, as well as a traditional church.

Rhodes is one of those popular islands that people love to explore year after year. It’s a haven for history lovers, beach lovers, and for those who want to experience the Greek way of life. Kremasti Village is one of those places that should be at the top of your list to visit while you’re here.

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