Visit Legrena Beach near Athens, Greece

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LeGrena Beach is one of the largest beaches in the area and is considered by some to be the most beautiful in the area, if not all of Greece. This beach is known for its long strip of sand, which makes it excellent to spend the day at. There area also plenty of things to do nearby besides go to the beach, such as visit the Temple of Poseidon. This beach attracts both locals and tourists and is a popular spot during peak season. Here’s more information.

Getting to Legrena Beach

Before you can travel to the beach, you need to first make your way to Athens. You can do so by flying, driving, or even taking a ferry from another part of Greece. LeGrena Beach is a secluded beach located in the small coastal town of Legrena, in southern Greece. It can be accessed by  by public bus or car, and is approximately 64 kilometers southeast of Athens. One of the buses runs from the Pedio tou Areos to Sounio passes by Legrena Beach. This is the one to take! The beach runs alongside the coastal road leading to Cape Sounion and is the last beach before you arrive at Sounion. The Temple of Poseidon is further down than the beach so if you see the temple you’ve gone too far.

Why Visit Legrena Beach

For those looking for an authentic experience of being in the Aegean islands while visiting Athens, Legrena Beach is ideal. It is definitely worth the trip as the setting is delightful with the deep colored rock formations outlining the area, and the silhouettes of Patroklos and St. George islands standing out in full view. The water is very clean but a bit chilly. It is a very peaceful, serene and natural environment, perfect for a day of relaxation and getting lost in your thoughts. It’s a great spot for families and anyone else who is looking to enjoy the beach.

What to Do at Legrena Beach

Aside from sunbathing, swimming and taking in the stunning views at Legrena Beach, you can also go snorkeling or scuba diving in the clear blue waters and see a variety of marine life. For a bit of activity, you can do some exploring up and down the beachfront; there are many caves and small coves around the beach area. The area is also well known for diving. If you’re going as part of a couple, you both can take a long romantic walk along the stretch of beach. For singles, you can socialize and meet other visitors or those native to the area. There’s always groups of young people and students that spend the summers in Athens. There are tavernas and a canteen in the area to feast on fresh seafood and the local fare. While in the area you can also visit the Temple of Poseidon.

Legrena Beach is a beautiful beach worthy of a visit on its own, but coupled with the nearby attractions, especially that of Poseidon’s Temple, it is a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your day trip.

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