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The Medieval Village of Lindos on the Island of Rhodes

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Lindos is a worthwhile stop during a visit to the island of Rhodes. It’s a medieval village that was founded by the Dorians around 2000 BC when they discovered its excellent harbor and vantage point. It is comprised of narrow, cobbled streets filled with jewelry and clothing stalls and whitewashed houses. The village is totally pedestrianized. No vehicles are allowed on the paved streets of Lindos. Donkeys are the only mode of transportation.

Here are the top 3 highlights of Lindos:

Acropolis of Lindos
The Acropolis of Lindos towers above the village. Flanked by silvery pine trees, it offers spectacular views of the surrounding harbors and coastline. It displays Byzantine architecture on the outside and 2nd century BC Doric architecture on the inside and has been partially reconstructed to convey its former greatness. The site also houses a 20 columned Hellenistic stoa and the ancient fresco filled Byzantine Church of Agios Ionnis. Behind the Acropolis is the 4th century Temple to Athena, the site’s most important ancient ruin. Perched on a 116m high rock, visitors can choose to climb or to get up to the Acropolis via donkey ride. The hike up can be strenuous at times. Since there is no shade at the top, visitors should wear a hat, sunscreen, and bring plenty of water.

Lindos Houses
Lindos features many 17th and 18th century naval captains’ stone houses with carved relief facades, intricately painted wooden ceilings, and raised platform beds in the living room used for both sleeping and lounging. The furnishings, carpets, and plates are mostly Turkish in style. Almost all of the houses in Lindos are of historic interest. Artists, musicians, and writers from restored many of these houses in the 60’s and 70’s across the world that wanted to preserve the unique beauty of the architecture. They are full of antiques and artifacts collected by the owners that have restored the houses. Many have turned into summer homes for the wealthy and some are even available to rent.

There are many beaches to enjoy in Lindos that appeal to a variety of tourists. Main Beach, located east of the Acropolis, is a sandy beach with shallow water, which makes it a great spot for families with children. If you are looking for something more adult friendly, there is Pallas Beach located at the western tip of the bay. It’s smaller but is lined with tavernas. St. Paul’s Bay is a 10-minute walk from town on the western side of the Acropolis. The walk is worth it. It’s a quieter beach that features beautiful turquoise water.

A visit to Lindos doesn’t come cheap. Accommodation can be expensive and hotels are often fully booked so it’s best to reserve a room ahead of time if you plan to stay here.

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