Enjoy the Medieval Rose Festival in Rhodes

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The Greek island of Rhodes is where the past meets the present in remarkable way. From endless beaches and charming mountain villages to the medieval city and the acropolis, there is something for everyone on the island. An interesting attraction in Rhodes is the Medieval Rose Festival.

About the Medieval Rose Festival

Since 2006, the Medieval Rose Festival has been an annual tradition. The festival is conducted by the Medieval Rose, which is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Their aim to recreate the type of events that were put on during medieval Rhodes. Though the festival lasts just weekend, organizers prepare for it throughout the year. The organizing committee consists of musicians, actors, craftsmen, archaeologists, and historians. They help to make the Medieval Rose Festival as authentic as they can.

The Medieval Rose Festival is held in the Medieval Town of Rhodes. The town is a declared by UNESCO to be a Monument of Cultural and Architectural Heritage of the World since 1992. The Town of Rhodes is wonderfully preserved allowing visitors to feel as though they’ve stepped back in time.

The start of the Medieval Rose Festival commences when the trumpet sounds for a third time followed by the walk of the Order of the Knights, cavalry, infantry, and entourage. This walk begins at the Castle and goes along the Streets of the Knights. The whole Medieval Town of Rhodes and its people are done up like things would have been back in the day. There are handicrafts being sold, puppet theatre, chess competitions, and so much more.

Enjoy the Medieval Rose Festival

The Medieval Rose Festival in Rhodes gives visitors the opportunity to experience things as they would have been during medieval times in Rhodes Town. When visiting the festival, you will have the opportunity to watch a fire eater, jugglers, and jesters. You can also participate in the Witches and Fairies Dance, which is a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. There are a lot of traditional dishes to enjoy at the Medieval Rose Festival if that’s more your speed.

Everyone will enjoy exploring the exhibitions and handicrafts at the Medieval Rose Festival. A handicraft can make a great souvenir to take back home. There are music and dance performances to watch, chess contests to participate in or observe, and puppet shows to amuse you. Throughout the city of Rhodes you will find attractions and food. The Medieval Rose Festival is the perfect chance for everyone to learn more about the history of the town.

Traveling to Rhodes can be done by plane or ferry. The airport of Rhodes is located in the region of Paradisi, just 16 km from Rhodes Town. The airport can be busy, but it’s the quickest way to get to the island. Ferries arrive at the island of Rhodes from Athens a few times a week and the trip takes about 18 hours. Once on the island of Rhodes, you can get around via the local bus system, taxi, or by renting a car, bike, or motorcycle.

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