Take A Guided Boat Tour of Melissani Cave In Kefalonia

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Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful Ionian islands, and it is also the island in which you will be able to find the amazing Melissani Cave.

People come from all over the world to the island of Kefalonia just to see the Melissani Cave. It is easily one of the most beautiful caves in the entire world. You and your guests will be able to take a guided boat tour through the underground lake, Melissani caveas you will learn the history of the cave throughout your journey. If you are interested in Greek mythology, you will be captivated by the Melissani Cave’s link to Greek mythology.

The most breathtaking views from within the cave are where there are breaks in the cave above you, and the sun peers in through the holes, and shines down on the bluest water you have ever seen. It really is a fascinating experience, and it almost feels like you are on the set of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The best advice that I can give to you is to visit the Melissani Cave in the morning, as that is when the sun will shine the brightest, which will beautifully illuminate the bowels of the cave. As you can imagine, the photo opportunities are aplenty within Melissani Cave. As beautiful as it looks, the water isn’t ideal for swimming. With the lake being deprived of sunlight in most areas, the water temperature is noticeably cold.

There are plenty of other adventurous activities to partake in while you’re in the area, too. To really get the complete experience of what Kefalonia looks like and what the island has to offer, you can go on a kayaking trip with Sea Kayaking Kefalonia. You can split up the trips that you take with Sea Kayaking Kefalonia over several different days so that you don’t miss out on a single thing. A professional — with your safety in mind as their top priority — will take you to all of the most amazing beaches nearby, and give you a guided tour of all of the different landmarks that you will pass by on your journey. It is an unforgettable experience that will give you a great workout, as well as great memories.

The outdoor adventures don’t stop there, though. Outdoor Kefalonia offers a wide variety of extreme sports that will take you to parts of Kefalonia that even the local residents of the island didn’t even knew existed. Outdoor Kefalonia will take you off the beaten path and into the beautiful wilderness of the island, giving you an up close and personal experience with the scenic beauty of Kefalonia. You can arrange all kinds of outdoor activities, like hikes, jeep safaris, cave explorations, kayaking, canyoning and rappelling tours and more. For the price, and for the wide variety of services that they offer, you really can’t beat it. All of the company’s employees are incredibly professional, and take every necessary precaution to ensure that you and your guests have the safest and most memorable experience possible!

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